Provided by Columbia Pictures This February, Netflix is bringing a variety of new movies, including “Superbad,” which premiered in Aug. 2007.

If you’re an avid Netflix viewer, you may find that scrolling through the titles quickly becomes monotonous. Thankfully, the streaming site updates its repertoire on a relatively regular basis. This February, Netflix is bringing in a variety of new options for your viewing pleasure.

Among the movies that will be added throughout the month are a plethora of children’s movies including “Finding Dory” and “The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” as well as titles sure to interest adults, including “Milk” and “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.” Here are a few titles to watch this month while you cozy up in your dorm with a mug of hot chocolate, or your valentine.

“The Blair Witch Project” (Available Now)

The film, made using the “found footage” style, follows three student filmmakers as they travel to Burkittsville, Maryland in order to make a documentary about a local legend referred to as the Blair Witch. They end up getting lost a few days into their exploration in the woods and start to fall victim to paranormal events, including hearing the sound of children at night and waking up to figures made from sticks hanging all around their campsite. The directors were able to make people believe that the actors used were actually missing, and the footage that they were watching was real. They even went as far as making a fake website stating that the three actors were missing, and to call your local police with any information on their whereabouts. If you are looking for a film that pulls you in and makes you feel like you are there with the actors, then this is a good call.

“Corpse Bride” (Available Now)

A classic film by Tim Burton, “Corpse Bride” follows character Victor Van Dort as he accidentally marries a dead woman — he was practicing his vows in the woods — and is sucked into the Land of the Dead. The film chronicles his adventure as he tries to reunite with the woman he truly loves — and originally was trying to marry — by overcoming various obstacles. This film is classic Tim Burton, from its usage of stop-motion animation, to the sinister and somewhat whimsical aesthetic of the movie.

“Superbad” (Available Friday)

If a raunchy comedy is more your speed, then go for this 2007 hit. “Superbad,” written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, follows two high schoolers as they attempt to lose their virginities before graduation. They plan to get alcohol for a party where the girls they have been crushing on will be, leading them into weird and crazy situations. The film is everything you would expect from Rogen, and is chock full of of vomit, sex and phallic-based humor. The chemistry between the two main characters is very well developed, and you can sense their friendship through their dialogue and actions.

“Sausage Party” (Available Feb. 23)

Also from Rogen, the critically acclaimed “Sausage Party” will certainly make you comfortably uncomfortable. In this recent film, all food is alive and they view us as gods that bring them to the great beyond when we purchase them from the supermarket. The film focuses on a hot dog named Frank as he uncovers the truth of what actually happens to food outside of the supermarket, and his quest to tell the other foods. This movie ends with an awkward-to-watch, but hilarious, food orgy. The animated film has an all-star cast of voices including James Franco, Kristen Wiig, Salma Hayek, Edward Norton and Nick Kroll.

Honorable mentions:

  • “Invincible”
  • “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
  • “Project X” (1987, available now)
  • “King Cobra” (Available Feb. 14)
  • “Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark” (Available Feb. 21)