Getting ready for Halloween? It is the perfect time to dress up like someone or something else. From spooky to movie, the costume options are endless. If you are looking to DIY your costume, you are in the right place. To start, open up that wardrobe — there are many ways to make everyday clothing into the perfect costume for Halloween.

Costumes using the white T-shirt

1. Risky Business: Wear boxers and chunky socks.

2. Zombies: Take scissors to the shirt, add fake blood and use a makeup kit.

3. Taylor Swift in the “You Belong With Me” music video: Wear blue flannel PJ pants, use fabric markers to decorate the shirt and paper and markers to make cue cards.

4. “Vote for Pedro” from Napoleon Dynamite: Use red and black fabric markers to recreate the shirt and wear clear glasses.

5. Ace, Heart, Clover, Club set of cards: Use red and black fabric markers and add three friends.

6. Dominoes (no, not the pizza): Use black fabric markers.

7. Cow or dalmatian: Use black fabric markers, add a headband and glue on some white felt ears.

The black T-shirt / Long-sleeve shirt

1. Skeleton or an inverse jack-o’-lantern: Use white fabric marker or tape.

2. Bat: Wear a headband and black felt for ears, use scissors to cut extra black fabric to make wings and use safety pins to attach wings to arms.

3. T-Birds from “Grease:” Use white fabric markers for the logo and add a leather jacket.

4. Cat: Wear a headband, use black felt for the ears and tail and use that makeup kit.

There are a ton of other costumes available, especially when you consider iconic characters and logos that need simple statement pieces.

1. Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda

For an individual, couple or group of three.

For Timmy: Wear a pink shirt and hat, and add buck teeth.

For Cosmo: Wear a white collared shirt, tie and black pants. Use green hair chalk and add a golden crown and wand.

For Wanda: Wear a yellow shirt, black pants and pink hair chalk. Add a golden crown and wand.

2. Kim Possible

Wear green cargo pants, a black top, a black fanny pack/bag, gloves and a brown belt.

To make it a couples costume:

For Ron: Wear gray cargo pants, a black top and gloves.

For Shego: Wear thigh-high green and black socks — one of each. Also wear black shorts, a green top, one black glove (arms-length) and one green glove (wrist-length).

3. Scooby Doo

For Velma: Wear an orange dress, red boots and glasses.

For Daphne: Wear a purple dress and green scarf.

For Fred: Wear blue jeans, white shirt and an orange ascot.

For Shaggy: Wear brown pants, a green top and bring a good voice impression.

For Scooby: Take a brown dog plushie.

4. Looney Tunes

For Sylvester: Wear a white dress, a black duster, a headband and black felt for the ears and tail.

For Tweety: Wear a yellow dress/outfit.

For Bugs Bunny: Wear a white and gray dress and bring a carrot.

For Marvin: Wear black tights and a black top, a green skirt and a helmet/wig.

For Daffy Duck: Wear a black dress and a white choker. Also use yellow cardboard and string.

5. Power Puff Girls

For Bubbles: Wear white long socks, a blue dress, a black belt and pigtails.

For Blossom: Wear white long socks, a red dress, a black belt and a high ponytail with a red bow.

For Buttercup: Wear white long socks, a green dress and a black belt.

6. Gameday Food ushers

Grab a box of your favorite candy, a black-and-white strapped cap and a name tag.

7. Famous Brands

Pick a t-shirt with a base color and draw its logo on. This works for M&M’s, chips, candy, fast food chains, sneaker brands, TV channels and more.

The best part about Halloween is being able to dress up in something that you feel good about. Brainstorm your favorite characters, foods, puns, vines and more. Take what you like and make it into a costume, and if you’re missing something, it’s the perfect time to raid your roommates’ closets.