As an avid reader of “Betches Love This,” a website devoted to blogging about exaggerated versions of a social group referred to as “betches,” I must say I’m immensely disappointed in their take on HBO’s “Girls.” While I understand that the “betches” don’t concern themselves with anything realistic, it’s unfortunate that they can be so narrow-minded when it comes to such a great new revelation in a TV show with strong female characters.

Maybe the characters on “Girls” aren’t size double zero, rich supermodels who only go to the most exclusive clubs in the Meat Packing District, where Daddy pays for everything, but what about this makes them unlikable hipsters?

For trying to be revolutionary in their own right, I’m surprised that all the “betches” see when they watch “Girls” is the size of the main character and the clothes she wears. While they do admire the writing of the show to some extent, for the past three weeks they have taken any important moment and torn it down. The site focuses so much on the looks of the characters and their “awkward” moments that they can’t realize the ingenuity of the show.

In the third episode, Hannah finds herself wrapped up in the drama of dealing with a positive test for HPV and a newly outed ex-boyfriend. This leads to an awkward but hysterical encounter between Hannah and the guy, during which she eventually realizes that she should have known he was gay. After returning from a work event where she was hit on by a hot young artist, Hannah and her friend Marnie cope with their problems the way all girls do: They have a dance party in Hannah’s bedroom.

This episode was definitely the best yet, and the writing continues to be impressive and spot on.

I know the “betches” believe they are the epitome of all that is “cool,” and in so many respects I love what they write, but what might be even cooler is if they gave into their actual feelings on “Girls.” They should encourage their hundreds of readers to watch “Girls,” because they do in fact admit to liking it, rather than shitting on the show because they feel they have to.

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