Over the weekend of Sept. 10 and 11, Binghamton residents gathered together to celebrate the arts during the LUMA Projection Arts Festival. LUMA has been a community favorite event since it was started in 2015.

A lot of work goes into planning an event this large. With teams of volunteers and months of preparation, LUMA is able to make an appearance every fall. Justin McGregor, director of merchandising with LUMA, said that it takes months of planning to pull the festival together.

“The moment we break down on Sunday, we’re planning for next year,” McGregor said. “It’s a year-round thing … It’s a volunteer army and it keeps growing every year.”

LUMA utilizes a wide array of projectors and projection mapping to introduce large-scale artistic designs that encapsulate the Downtown Binghamton area. Aside from the beautiful digital art shows projected on the buildings, LUMA is also home to live comedians, animators, music and local businesses. According to Kassandre Murdock, co-owner of The K-9 District, a dog day care center in Johnson City, said LUMA is a great opportunity for businesses to make a community appearance.

“We want to show the community what good, luxury pet care is all about and bring love with dogs,” Murdock said.

LUMA also serves as a great place for community organizations to increase awareness of their cause. Kristen Crumb-Keller, leader of the Mount Upton United Methodist Church, said LUMA brings a high level of overall community engagement.

“It’s a really big event [and] it definitely brings people to downtown, which is great,” Crumb-Keller said. “There’s also a huge appreciation for the arts which is also great. And it helps our youth group raise money to be able to continue our Christian fellowship in the community.”

Now in its seventh year of production, LUMA has established itself as a beloved part of the Binghamton community and is a favorite of many community members. Keep an eye out for next year’s LUMA announcements.