Now that summer is within reach, it’s time to add some new bops to your summer playlist! Summer songs always have a certain upbeat, yet emotional vibe to them, from classic artists to rising stars, here are a few songs to get you started.

“Higher Love” by Steve Winwood

“Higher Love” by Steve Winwood might be a summer classic from our parents’ college days, but nonetheless, the vibes remain current. The song was originally produced in June of 1986 and has since been in many movies and tv shows. The lyrics and instrumentals feel like a soundtrack to a summer fling from another life. “Higher Love” is a perfect bop to listen to on a long summer drive.

“My Type” by Saint Motel

Opening up with blaring horns that are immensely catchy, “My Type” has the bright musical tones that are perfect to listen to in the car with the top down. Involving cool guitars and keys with a chorus that is impossible not to sing along to, “My Type” is an essential summer track.

“A-O-K” by Tai Verdes

“A-O-K” by Tai Verdes recently blew up on TikTok, which makes sense as its energetic beat is sure to uplift any mood. With more social gatherings on the rise, “A-O-K” is a perfect addition to any summer playlist. The lyrics and upbeat instrumentals are sure to have everyone dancing and singing at the top of their lungs.

“Feels” by Calvin Harris (Feat. Pharrell Williams, Big Sean and Katy Perry)

With an all-star lineup of Katy Perry, Pharrell, Calvin Harris and Big Sean, not one of them miss. The beat is bouncy, and Katy Perry’s “Don’t to be afraid to catch feels” vocal melody in the hook is a definite earworm. The electric guitar and Pharrell’s vibrant vocals completes the vibe.

“I Hope You’re Happy” by Blue October

“I Hope You’re Happy” by Blue October sounds reminiscent of the 1980s, but in reality was released just a few years ago. The fast-paced tempo and heartbreak lyrics offer an interesting dialectic that is sure to rid you of any negative emotions. “I Hope You’re Happy” is a fantastic choice to add to a beach or vacation playlist.

“Indigo” by 88rising, NIKI

The rhythm of the beat aligned with the synths and glossy texture of the production delivers an impressive song sonically. The lyrics feature sexy imagery and going on a wild night out, which is extremely fitting for the summer. Anyone can listen and vibe to it.

“Sex On Fire” by Kings of Leon

When “Sex On Fire” by Kings of Leon hit the scene in 2008, it immediately became a cult classic. Now, it has risen to popularity again thanks to TikTok, for guitar-heavy instrumentals and burly lyrics. “Sex On Fire” is a great addition to a summer rock vibes playlist.

“100 Degrees” by Rich Brian

With a sugary electric guitar progression and Rich Brian’s enthusiastic raps, this is a classic feel-good summer song. With lyrics like “the future so bright, we ain’t lookin’ at the past,” we’re reminded that it’s great to just live in the moment and be hopeful. Surprisingly awesome vocals from Rich Brian boost the song into a summer classic.