When “Bridgerton,” a Netflix original premiered at the end of 2020, it took the fashion scene by storm. The show, which takes place in 19th century London, follows the lives of the Bridgerton family, members of the aristocratic social class. One would think that fashion trends from 200 years ago could not possibly transition and work for today. However, that could not be further from the truth — brocade, elegant fabrics, long dress silhouettes and extravagant accessories can be found in any major fashion brand and publication this spring and summer season.

Throughout the past few years, mid-length dresses have been increasingly popular, but it would seem that this spring fashion season has pushed their popularity over the edge. “Bridgerton” has no doubt had a hand in this. The Bridgerton daughters Daphne, Eloise, Francesca and Hyacinth were portrayed wearing elegant, ankle-length gowns in soft jewel tones. Mainstream fashion has taken inspiration from this, with brands like Target, Urban Outfitters and ASOS stocking the shelves with similar styles. To achieve this look with a modern twist, look for mid-length dresses with statement sleeves in textured or beaded fabrics. Dresses in this style are perfect for weddings, graduations or any other special occasion this summer might hold.

Corsets have played a role in women’s fashion for hundreds of years, with the original full lace-up corset being used to modify a women’s body into an hourglass shape. The corset then shapeshifted over multiple decades into the modern bra and shapewear we see today. Nonetheless, the original corset has inspired modern trends that are forecasted to be a staple in this summer’s fashion scene. Corset tops, which pay homage to trends popularized in the 19th century, have boning but with the comfortability of modern fabrics. These tops, paired with a cute pair of denim shorts or a skirt, will have you looking showstopping this summer.

Extravagant jewelry and hair accessories are other trends that will be at the forefront this spring and summer thanks to “Bridgerton.” Lady Danbury, the Featherington sisters and Cressida Cowper adorn some of the most outlandish accessories in the show. While theirs are both difficult to replicate and not the most practical for modern-day, inspiration can no doubt still be taken from them. Vintage costume jewelry can be found at nearly any thrift store or Etsy shop and is a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit. In fact, dozens of vintage pieces can be found on Etsy for quite a low price. Look for pieces that have bright jewel tones that can be layered with other vintage pieces, or modern-day ones you already have. Another great way to get a hint of “Bridgerton” into your everyday wardrobe is with hair accessories. Beaded headbands and clips are sure to give you a hint of what wearing a beautiful crown might feel like. Etsy, ASOS and Amazon have thousands of options to fit any style or outfit you are attempting to achieve.

With the last year being anything but normal and social gatherings few and far between, fashion inspiration had to be found elsewhere. “Bridgerton,” like many other shows, did just that with long dresses and extravagant accessories taking the fashion scene by storm. By mixing vintage and eccentric pieces with modern-day garments, you are sure to look unique and elegant.