The typical weekend in Binghamton consists of some or all of the following: heavy drinking, passing out in a cab, ordering Chinese food, calling your parents at 4 a.m. crying and waking up in some unknown location (usually Newing College). But for others, a weekend of fun may consist of doing anything else. For those who prefer something in the “anything else” category, there are plenty of things you can do instead of going out.

By second semester, most people have made up their minds on what they are comfortable with in terms of Downtown activity. If you don’t love drinking, you’re not alone, and you won’t be the only person left on campus.

“I’m not one who is particularly inclined to the Downtown scene, so I look for my weekend activities in other outlets,” said Arielle Nissenblatt, a sophomore majoring in geography. “Sometimes I like to go out to the movies with friends but Bing also has some awesome on-campus activities to take part in.”

If you have a car, your options are almost limitless. You can drive to nearby restaurants with your friends for a night on the town, or you can go to Town Square Mall to shop and catch a movie. Plus, the theater is newly renovated and the seats are incredibly comfortable.

If you enjoy off-campus dining, University Plaza is a great option. UP has culinary staples, such as Five Guys and Subway, and a Chipotle is currently being built — so cool. A bus from campus leaves for UP every half hour. Although it may not seem this way, the buses are actually good for more than just shuttling drunk students on the weekends.

But leaving campus is not even a necessity to entertain yourself on weekend nights. Be real, do you ever read B-Line? For those of you who answered no, it’s time to start. Although much of the information may not concern you, it’s worth taking a minute to look at the email.

There is usually a plethora of activities being held, especially on the weekends. There are concerts and performances going on all the time that many people miss out on if they don’t look at these emails. You don’t have to take notes or anything; just skim the list of options. It’s worth it almost every time.

Late Nite Binghamton can be a good time if you’re ready to embrace its slight nerdiness. Held in the Old University Union’s Tillman Lobby, the weekly arts and crafts can be fun. Late Nite even shows some popular movies. If these options don’t sound appealing, there’s an arcade, pool hall, bowling alley and ping pong room, all in the basement. Going out can be great, but when it’s cold outside, bowling a few rounds is a fun alternative.

If you want to stay in your dorm at night, watching a movie or playing a few games with your friends can also be fun.

“When I don’t go out, I like hanging out around the dorms with my friends,” said Jeff Adams, an undeclared freshman. “We watch movies and sometimes go to concerts Downtown.”

If you want to host a movie night, buying a television is a wise investment. After all, only so many people can crowd around a MacBook. The TV stations provided by the University are decent, especially since HBO channels play movies all the time. Grab a bag of popcorn — and maybe your Snuggie — and cuddle on the couch with a few friends.

How to spend Friday and Saturday nights is always up to you, but make sure you’re doing you. If you don’t want to go Downtown with your friends, there are always other things to do both on and off campus. No matter what you choose to do with your time, some of the best nights are the ones you weren’t expecting to be fun at all.