From classic Italian Neapolitan pizza to New York-style thin crust, pizza is a staple of American cuisine, for better or worse. Binghamton University capitalizes on this craze as every residential dining hall and the Marketplace offers pizza in some way or another. Here is one way to rank all of the on-campus pizza, with respect to taste, appearance, availability and value. To be consistent, only the plain cheese pizza will be considered.

5. Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4)

C4 has a lot to offer, from the Kosher Korner to Royal Indian, but unfortunately, pizza is not its strong suit. The pizza suffers from often being burnt, dry and over-sauced. The crust also is much too thin as neither the sauce nor cheese are strong enough to carry the pizza. The only saving grace of C4 pizza is that it is the cheapest option at $0.73 a slice of cheese.

4. CopperTop Pizzeria

As the only pizza option at the Marketplace, CopperTop pizza is a solid option for any pizza lover. The true highlight of CopperTop is their variety, as they offer a wide assortment of slices, including chicken parmesan and mac & cheese pizza. Their pizza is a vast improvement over C4 with much higher quality crust, sauce and cheese that actually makes for an enjoyable eating experience. However, CopperTop finds itself toward the bottom of the list because a cheese slice costs $3.39, over three times as much as any other option on this list. While CopperTop might have the best pure slice, its price is costly in determining its ranking.

3. College-in-the-Woods Dining Center

The pizza at College-in-the-Woods Dining Center might be the most unique pizza to be found on Binghamton’s campus, as it features a thicker crust than any other dining option. There is not much to say about College-in-the Woods Dining Center pizza, other than that it is incredibly reliable and a solid slice sold for a solid price. Cheese slices are sold for $0.90, well worth the slight increase from C4. College-in-the Woods also often has good specialty slices as well, from sausage to broccoli cheddar.

2. Appalachian Collegiate Center

Although Appalachian Collegiate Center does not have pizza during any of its regular lunch or dinner times, they roll out pizza as a part of their Nite Owl offerings from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. The exclusivity of Appalachian Collegiate Center pizza works in its favor as it makes the pizza all the more appealing. The quality of the Appalachian Collegiate Center pizza is very high with a great ratio of crust to cheese, not too much sauce and a nice seasoning blend atop the cheese that sets it apart from other on-campus pizzas. The price is another advantage for Appalachian Collegiate Center pizza, as cheese slices cost $0.90, the same as College-in-the Woods Dining Center. Unfortunately, Appalachian Collegiate Center only offers cheese and pepperoni pizza, while every other dining hall and CopperTop have specialty options as well.

1. Hinman Dining Center

The best spot for pizza on campus is undeniably Hinman Dining Center, as their pizza has a certain charm and professionalism that tops every pizza at BU. What sets Hinman Dining Center pizza apart is the cheese, as their oven achieves the perfect browning conditions for pizza cheese, creating a satisfying melt with delicious brown spots. Furthermore, Hinman Dining Center pizza is sold for $0.90 a slice for cheese slices, a steal compared to CopperTop’s price. If you are not convinced by now that Hinman Dining Center deserves a spot at the top of the list, you also have to take into account that Hinman Dining Center has the only vegan pizza option on demand on campus.