The horror-comedy “We Have a Ghost” is the latest trending Netflix original movie to hit streaming. Directed by Christopher Landon from “Happy Death Day,” the movie boasts an impressive cast of A-list stars, including David Harbour, Jennifer Coolidge and Anthony Mackie.

The movie follows the Presley family, who move into their new house, which they later find out is haunted by a friendly and torn ghost named Ernest. In a modern tale of paranormal activity, the family begins to profit from the ghost’s popularity on social media, but things take a turn when the CIA gets involved with their spirit friend. With the help of a neighbor named Joy, the family sets out to uncover the truth about Ernest’s past and help him find peace. The movie is a mix of comedy, horror and mystery featuring a heartwarming storyline about family, friendship and redemption.

What would you do if you found a friendly ghost in your attic? Would you pull out your phone and share it with the world or help the spectral being find peace? This premise alone is very interesting as we get to see how the family — and society — respond to a ghost’s first appearance. Throughout the movie, there is a torn relationship between the father and son, Frank and Kevin. Frank wants to make millions off their discovery, while his son Kevin wants to do the right thing and help Ernest. This theme is heartfelt and shows a great lesson for younger audiences to follow.

The performances in the film are one of its strong suits, with all actors putting on a commendable performance. Young actor Jahi Di’Allo Winston, who plays Kevin, particularly shines in the emotional scenes, showcasing his impressive range and depth. While “Stranger Things” star David Harbour’s portrayal of the main ghost, Ernest, is skillfully executed, it is definitely a disappointment that he does not have any dialogue.

The film is most enjoyable through the delivery of its most creative ghostly moments. The special effects team puts on a show for our amusement and the cinematography is very well done for a family movie. Although there are some standout moments in the film, the central idea that made it intriguing becomes diluted due to a web of subplots and meaningless conversations. The comedic dialogue, which is central to its tone, is very ineffective as it relies on pushing a woke cultural agenda rather than actually making an audience laugh. Since the original concept is not thoroughly explored and the comedy is ineffective, the film doesn’t seem to have much for the audience to be intrigued by other than the visuals.

For the family and younger audience the movie is going for, “We Have a Ghost” will likely appeal to many people through its strong performances and heartwarming themes. Outside of this, it falls flat in developing an interesting dialogue or a clear plot that is satisfying for the average viewer. Even if you aim to turn off your brain and simply savor the heartwarming ghost tale, the uninspired direction might make you want to shut off the screens along with it. If you are looking for a feel-good supernatural movie to escape in for two hours, I would recommend the movie. All else, “We Have a Ghost” is a skippable Netflix original that doesn’t bring much to the table.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars