Here are the top five spiedie spots in the Binghamton area.

Rochester has the Garbage Plate, Montreal has poutine and Binghamton has our iconic and beloved chicken spiedie. A culinary staple throughout Binghamton University’s surrounding community, there are no shortage of options for someone looking to indulge in a spiedie. Yet, with such a wide array of offerings, one must ponder where the best spiedie in Binghamton can be found. To uncover the answer to this mystery, we visited five local spiedie spots to see which one is best.

5. Nirchi’s

Nirchi’s may be considered a local pizza institution by most Bearcats, but this reputation does not extend itself to the restaurant’s spiedie offerings. Compared to other stops on the trip, Nirchi’s featured one of the longest wait times encountered, and the end result was far from worth the wait. The chicken was not particularly flavorful or moist, nor was the bun anything really special. Spiedies are a relatively simple sandwich, and yet Nirchi’s failed to make a sandwich truly worthy of the title.

4. Spiedie & Rib Pit

Located on Upper Front Street, Spiedie & Rib Pit has been going strong in Binghamton for 30 years. They owe their longevity to their tasty and tender chicken spiedies. For only $6.12 for a six-inch and $10.25 for a twelve-inch, you get decently cooked chicken within a nicely warmed roll. With a cool, modern cabin-like interior design and different spiedie varieties, such as the caprese, chipotle and buffalo, Spiedie & Rib Pit is one of the best options out there despite not being the juiciest chicken offering.

3. Binghamton Hots

Binghamton Hots is a classic late-night spot, open until 3:30 a.m. on weekends and 1 a.m. during the week. Classic American fare is served such as burgers, chicken tenders, fries and the ultimate Binghamton novelty — spiedies. Their spiedies are pretty good with lots of tang and color to the flavor. A downside of ordering a spiedie at this establishment, however, is that it comes with a side of fries, increasing the price to $11.95. For fries that are not too unique or memorable, this upcharge hurts the value of the meal. Binghamton Hots offers quality spiedies for late-night convenience, and even though it is not the best bang for your buck, the high quality of the spiedie easily makes up for it.

2. Pudgies

When one thinks of quality food in the Binghamton area, Pudgies is far from the first option that might come across someone’s mind. Yet their spiedie sandwich offering was extremely flavorful and worth the trip. Made fresh to order, the chicken was well seasoned and warm alongside a nicely baked roll. With each bite, I became more and more convinced that Pudgies is a serious player in the spiedie space. A very impressive and underrated option for all.

1. Lupo’s Char-Pit

After an unfortunate closing of their Binghamton location, Lupo’s still survives in Endicott as the highest quality spiedie restaurant in the area. For the amazing price of $5.89 for a sandwich and $8.99 for a twelve-inch sub, you receive a brilliant bite of delectable chicken and divinely baked bread. Additionally, you can buy their marinade in different flavors like BBQ or lemon garlic, and you can make the spiedies for yourself. Lupo’s presentation and menu are extremely simplistic, including burgers, salads and cold subs, but the combination of flavors is a worthy dining experience for Binghamton’s household name — the spiedie.