Whether you’re working, studying, traveling or relaxing at home this summer break, there is always time to listen to some music. Pipe Dream’s summer playlist offers listeners a mix of different genres that are fit for your commute to work, a day at the beach or a study session. Take a listen to our Spotify playlist to discover music that you’ll be adding to your queue all summer long.

“OTW” by Khalid feat. 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign

At only 20 years old, Khalid has been a huge hit in the music industry. Khalid’s album “American Teen” went platinum in October 2017 and the album received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Additionally, the album’s best-known single, “Location,” was nominated for Best R&B Song at the Grammy Awards. “OTW” is one of Khalid’s most recent R&B hits and it fits the relaxing summer vibes suited for any activity, especially while soaking in the sun at the beach.

“Redbone” by Holocene

You have probably heard this song being overplayed somewhere online or on the radio since last summer, but Holocene’s cover of this song gives a new twist. Holocene’s cover of “Redbone” is a mellow, acoustic version of Childish Gambino’s hit song. With this refreshing cover, you won’t feel like the song has been overplayed. This song also fits well with Pipe Dream’s relaxed and mellow playlist and is perfect for just relaxing with a group of friends on a summer night.

“Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit

French DJ Mehdi Benjelloun, better known as Petit Biscuit, has numerous electro-pop singles that you can listen to on your commute to work for motivation or while you’re studying for those summer classes to get you up and energized. This song is very upbeat and has a fun rhythm that can turn any activity into a dance party. It is especially perfect for any solo dance party you throw in your bedroom. Along with relaxing beats, it’s necessary to have songs that are upbeat for the summer.

“Island In The Sun” by Weezer

Released in 2001, Weezer’s “Island In The Sun” is an oldie but a goodie. This song speaks to those who just wanna kick back, relax and soak up the sun on a summer day. When you give this song a listen, you’ll wish you were relaxing on an island in the sun. In 2013, Rolling Stone magazine named this song one of the best summer songs of all time, and it is still part of the summer mix even now.

“Just Got Something” by Codeko

In this song, Codeko repeatedly sings, “We just got something,” and, “With sun in our eyes to the sound of the tide.” This is a catchy song that speaks to those who want a carefree summer doing nothing except having fun. This single also has an upbeat tune that is great to listen to when you want to get the party started and get everyone energized.