With fall slowly approaching, everyone is turning to their go-to sweaters, hoodies and oversized jackets to stay warm and cozy. Here are the Pipe Dream staff’s favorite autumn outfits.

Alexis Yang, Arts & Culture Editor

I love wearing flannels with jeans in the fall, paired with L.L. Bean boots. Sweaters with corduroy jackets over them are also a really cool look that I’ve discovered recently!

Revati Gelda, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

My staple outfit in the fall is either blue or brown flared jeans paired with an oversized hoodie. I love Earth-tone colors, so fall is the perfect time to showcase my best fits.

Hudson Burrows, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

I have two reliable fall outfits to turn to depending on the weather and my mood. If it’s gloomy out, and I have a ton of studying to do, you’ll find me in yoga pants, a sweatshirt and my Uggs. If it’s a sunny Friday, maybe I’ll be wild and throw on a pair of jeans and a sweater.

Lia Richter, Editor-in-Chief

My go-to fall outfit is pretty typical — flare jeans and a cropped sweater. I love wearing dark green colors, so once the colder weather arrives, you will see me in that 24/7.

Bella Daidone, Managing Editor

My tried and true fall fit has come from years of waking up late and rushing to class. This fall, you’ll see me in my favorite corded black flare pants, a muted pink thermal shirt, any oversized hoodie (the bigger the better) and some running shoes for those hikes between the Pipe Dream office and M Lot.

Brandon Ng, News Editor

Fall is my favorite season because I get to wear my massive sweaters and jeans. I’m a big fan of wearing clothes I can sink into.

Allison Peteka, Copy Desk Chief

My fall outfits usually include a hoodie or a sweatshirt to keep nice and cozy — along with jeans or leggings depending on how comfy I want to be that day.

Doris Turkel, Opinions Editor

I love wearing my jeans in the fall. A lot of them were passed down from my mom, and I particularly like those that are boot-cut.

Johnny Yang, Sports Editor

My favorite fall outfit is a Nike hoodie with gray sweatpants and some Air Force 1s. It may be basic, but it’s my go-to outfit due to its simplicity.

Kai DePalma, Assistant Photo Editor

My favorite fall outfit is baggy jeans and a big sweatshirt with my Uggs. I really feel Uggs — specifically the ones with the bows — will make a comeback.