The fall is quickly arriving, and that comes with an array of fun and cozy activities to do with friends and family. Some people look forward to the holidays, the weather or just the overall vibe of the leaves changing colors. Here are the favorite activities and events of Pipe Dream’s staff for the upcoming season.

Sam Lillianthal, Arts & Culture Editor

“My favorite fall activity is apple picking for sure. I love the cool, autumn weather, the flannel and of course the amazing apples I bring back and eat for the week. Some places have apple cider and apple cider donuts which are always the tastiest things in the entire world too. Nothing screams fall more to me than doing some apple picking.”

Jamie Nguyen, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

“The ultimate sign that screams ‘fall is here’ for me is the Spirit Halloween stores opening. I did not grow up having ‘fall’ as a season, but I did beg my mom for Halloween costumes every year. Browsing the overpriced goods in Spirit Halloween feels like a more mature version of this. Am I going to buy a 12 pairs of costume tights? No. But am I going to spend two hours picking up and putting down cheesy merch in an impersonal building that used to be something more? Yes, absolutely.”

Eli Engler, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

“My favorite fall vibe is eating or drinking pumpkin spice-flavored things. Whether it is the classic pumpkin spice latte or a pumpkin-flavored doughnut, I love the fall because of the prominence of pumpkin spice. Of all the pumpkin spice-flavored food items, my favorite is definitely a good pumpkin bread!”

Revati Gelda, Arts & Culture Intern

“My favorite fall activity is hiking with my friends and then going to a local farmers market. Since I’m from the Hudson Valley area, it’s hard not to be outside during the fall time as it’s insanely beautiful. Also, in my opinion, the farmers markets are the best during this time of year because of their apple cider doughnuts.”

Samra Ashe, Arts & Culture Intern

“Nothing makes me happier than taking a walk on a crisp, cold fall day, ideally when the sky is gray and the foliage is its most blazingly vibrant. Call me basic, but I love to pair my autumn strolls with a warm pumpkin spice latte or apple cider. Taylor Swift’s “Red” will likely also be blasting full force in my ears.”

Allison Peteka, Assistant Copy Desk Chief

“My favorite fall activity is decorating the house. One Saturday morning a year my mom would bring up the bin of fall decorations and we would decorate the inside and the outside of the house. We would throw fake fall leaves, decorative pumpkins and sticky spider webs on the bushes outside. To keep up the tradition, my roommates and I decorated our common area with festive fall decor.”

Lia Richter, Copy Desk Chief

“My favorite fall activity is doing anything pumpkin-related — like carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin muffins and getting pumpkin pie at the orchard. It is such a fall-only treat, and I look forward to fall just for the sake of pumpkins.”

Jacob Knipes, News Editor

“Easily my favorite fall activity is Halloween. Back in the day, my favorite part about it was when, after my friends and I finished trick-or-treating, we would engage in a candy trade. Since many of my friends had nut allergies. I always got the best bars in exchange for the stuff I didn’t want. I was truly a candy capitalist.”

Hamza Khan, Editor-in-Chief

“One thing I really like to do in the fall is going on long walks with nature all around me. It’s especially nice when the leaves are changing color.”

Jack Oh, Sports Editor

“During the fall, I love to visit and play the various public golf courses in the Greater Binghamton area. Courses such as Conklin Players Club, En-Joie Golf Club and Endwell Greens Golf Course and Events Center are beautiful around this time of year. With sweeping views and an abundance of trees to view the fall foliage, there’s nothing better than some autumn golf.”