The Artisan Gallery brought the spirit of spring into Binghamton with an exhibition inspired by the Philadelphia Flower Show on Friday, March 6 as a part of First Friday.

The Artisan Gallery is a member of Broome County Arts Council, which offers local artists a platform to showcase and sell their work. The Spring Flower Show, which features more than 40 Broome County artists, is available to view from March 5 to March 27, and includes a range of mediums such as photography, oil paintings, sculptures and floral arrangements.

The Binghamton Garden Club, formed in 1927, is the main sponsor of the exhibition. Cheryl Miller, chair of the Binghamton Garden Club, said the exhibition can help draw attention to their efforts.

“We hope people will notice our club, and we are looking for more members,” Miller said. “We thought it was fitting that we’d sponsor [the Spring Flower Show] because this is what we’re all about. I think flowers, beauty and gardening go together.”

A piece of photography by Aaron Rodriguez, one of the artists featured in the Spring Flower Show, was taken from the Cutler Botanic Garden on Front Street, portraying a pink coneflower with a bee. Rodriguez said he was excited to see his photo featured in the Artisan Gallery and First Friday.

“It connects with people around and outside Broome County,” Rodriguez said. “It doesn’t matter what age or who you are — it’s a wonderful community.”

Shawn Graham, another artist featured in the Spring Flower Show, used his kitchen sink as a makeshift studio to create his piece titled “Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright,” a shot of a tiger lily lit on fire.

“I’ve seen something similar but with a wider shot,” Graham said. “I thought I [could] make an effective image that’s very close-up.”

Other works include subjects distant from Broome County. A close-up photo of a rose was taken by Sarah Jones, another artist in the show, in Virginia during a vacation. This is the second art show she has participated in.

“Photography is still new to me,” Jones said. “It’d just become a big passion in my life. So just to be a part of this and share my work with other people is a great feeling to me.”

The exhibition also includes sculptures of flowers, using hard materials to interpret soft and delicate petals. A mixed-media piece titled “Hydrangea Pop” by Suzanne Ward, an artist in the show, makes use of glass mosaics and silk flower pieces to create a three-dimensional effect.

“I think we have opportunities through art to enhance the community,” Ward said. “I’m so pleased to be a part of [First Friday] this time.”