Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger just added a new furry friend to his family: Brewster, a 14-week-old golden retriever puppy. If the temperaments of Stenger’s past family dogs are any indication of Brewster’s, he’ll probably soon be a lovable mainstay on the BU campus. Stenger’s previous dog, Madison, also a golden retriever, frequently inhabited the Scholars Office in Hinman College and joined the president on his morning runs with students. Bearcats will likely be seeing more of Brewster in the years to come, so Stenger answered a few questions to give us all a proper introduction.

Where is Brewster from?

“He was born in Cohocton, New York.”

Madison was also a golden retriever. Are you particularly drawn to goldens?

“Brewster is our fifth dog. The other four were Bucky, a brown and white springer spaniel, Buster, a black, brown and white springer spaniel, Gibson, a black labrador retriever and Madison, a golden retriever. Gibson and Madison were raised by our daughter Hannah when she was in high school to be seeing-eye dogs, but they didn’t make the cut when they went to do their training at 14 months old, so we got to keep them.”

How’d you decide on Brewster?

“It was Cathy’s — [my wife’s] — preference. The experience we had with Madison was really special and we thought it would be a good idea to repeat it.”

Why did you name him Brewster?

“We first decided it would be a B name. Cathy and I have lived in Boston, Bethlehem, Buffalo and now Binghamton, and our first two dogs were named Bucky and Buster. Gibson and Madison were named by [The Seeing Eye, Inc.] We talked about B names for almost a year before we settled on Brewster.”

What’s his favorite snack?


Favorite toy?

“His stuffed hedgehog.”

Favorite thing to do?

“Play with a ball.”

Favorite human?

“Harvey says Cathy, Cathy says Harvey.”