A good trip should be accompanied by some good music. Here are some laid-back hip-hop songs to relax to the next time you smoke.

“Self Care” — Mac Miller

Taking a hit may be a form of self-care to many, as it can be a relaxing way to end a stressful week and clear your mind of all the exams you took. This song was one of the last released as a single by the late rapper Mac Miller before his untimely death in September 2018. The lyrics describe his journey through rehab, but the smooth, space-funk beat gives you a calming sense of how the world will be alright if you take a few minutes to take care of yourself first.

“Gorgeous” — Mansionz

Mansionz is a hip-hop duo comprised of rapper and singer-songwriter Mike Posner and hip-hop singer blackbear. The group was short-lived, releasing only a self-titled album in 2017 after both members dyed their hair neon green, but left a few good songs to light up to. “Gorgeous” is one of those songs, where blackbear sings about a girl who doesn’t know how beautiful she is while Posner raps about how he remembers the smell of the weed she smoked. The guitar licking along with the lyrics is sure to put anyone to ease.

“Pursuit of Happiness” — Kid Cudi

This classic song by rapper Kid Cudi is the ultimate feel-good tune that will have you dancing along happily while high. Along with the opening lyrics that describe how to roll a joint, the song tells you about how while life will go as it does, in the end it will all be good. This song appears near the end of Cudi’s debut 2009 album, “The Man on the Moon: The End of Day,” which tells the overarching story of his childhood and the anxieties he felt as life went on. At the end, however, he simply lit a joint and decided to go with the flow.

“The Adventures of Stoney Bob” — Logic feat. Kajo, Slaydro and Big Lenbo

Many recognize Logic from his 2017 song “1-800-273-8255,” but those who have listened to his earlier mixtapes know how he raps about his love for smoking weed too. This is especially true in “The Adventures of Stoney Bob,” where Logic takes us through a wild trip he had. In the song, the protagonist, Bobby, has to rescue his wife after a kidnapping. All his plans go awry until Logic finally wakes up at the end and realized he fell asleep while high.

“Atlantis” — Bridgit Mendler feat. Kaiydo

Bridgit Mendler is best known from her role as Teddy on the Disney Channel show “Good Luck Charlie.” However, in 2016, Mendler reinvented her style from a teen-pop sensation to a serious musician and producer with “Atlantis,” the first song she released after “Good Luck Charlie” ended and she left the Disney Channel. The song is about the emptiness Mendler felt after breaking up with Shane Harper, her boyfriend of four years who also played her character’s love interest on “Good Luck Charlie.” The beat, which was surprisingly dark for fans of the show, gives off lo-fi vibes that should give you a great listening experience the next time you roll a joint.