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President Stenger names Bathabile Mthombeni as next ombudsman

By Alexandra Mackof -

As students and faculty return to Binghamton for the spring semester, they join one of Binghamton University’s newest hires, who is working to reconcile their problems. Bathabile Mthombeni, the new Binghamton University ombudsman, started working on Jan. 15. The Ombudsman’s...

At town hall meeting, a call to end discrimination at BU

By Chloe Rehfield -

Lecture Hall 13 was overflowing Thursday night as students dragged in extra chairs and filled doorways to discuss the prevalence of discrimination on campus. A group calling itself Students for Change at BU, reviewed a list of 25 reforms being...

In finals stretch, Bartle becomes base for last-minute studies

By Zuzu Boomer-Knapp -

Pei Qi Yang sat at a secluded computer in the Glenn G. Bartle Library Pods Tuesday evening as she put the finishing touches on her history and psychology final papers. Everything she needed was laid out on her desk: two...

Local businesses brace for January slow-down

By Pelle Waldron -

When finals end and students head home for winter break, favorite Downtown businesses have learned to adjust to the time off from the University rush. Binghamton has a population of approximately 47,000 and when school is in session, students account...

For finals week, many flock to favorite study spots

By Kanchi Chandwani -

In the spirit of finals week, Binghamton University students are rushing to their favorite study spots around campus. And while all have the same goal of getting good results on tests, papers and projects, they have different places where they...

For best test results, experts advise a full night’s rest

By Alexis Hatcher -

Professor Meredith Coles and psychology Ph.D. candidate Jacob Nota found that sleeping habits, such as how many hours the person sleeps and what time they fall asleep, can lead to an increase in negative thoughts similar to those produced by...

Hundreds rush for early graduation

By Emilie Leroy -

With tuition, fees and housing, costing in-state students $22,000 per year and thousands more for out of state students, many look to save money by graduating early.