Once more, the noble and diligent youth of ye olde Binghamton University set out on another week-long quest for Camelot … oh, who am I kidding? Diligence goes out the window on break! And Camelot? As if! Home is the closest thing, nowadays!

Just take a look at your loyal writer. He returned home with noble intentions of getting most of his reading for the week of classes after break completed. This included two books and a selection for Lit Theory. As of this point in time, he has made it halfway through one book and made a small dent in another and hasn’t even touched some of the other bits of smaller reading.

Well, truth be told, one of those books is a graphic novel … but that’s beside the point. If he had enough desire, he would have put aside all the library’s goodies he acquired or had in his possession prior to break and cracked down on his work! I guess that his girlfriend and season 1 of Dexter (among other things) are just too distracting, along with a volume of The Sandman.

Once again, dear readers, I have learned another lesson about breaks: Even the most studious (which I’m not always) with the most noble intentions may in fact crash and burn when it comes to getting work done on breaks. I had such high hopes for the second spring break! I would get my readings out of the way so I could get a head start on the essays and tests when I returned.

Why did my sterling work ethic falter? Might be because of some family commitments along the way, along with an interview for a possible summer position. Maybe it’s a second-semester-junior thing. Could it be that I don’t want to focus on the three impending essays and tests in the final four weeks?

Maybe it’s even by a lack of interest in actually getting work done, being slowly pummeled into essay-writing submission over the course of the semester. It gets, well, boring. Writing essays on topics that don’t quite matter to me isn’t my cup of tea.

Look at it this way: Yes, I’m majoring in English, but will my knowledge of Derrida, Foucault, and structuralism (among other things) really matter down the line? If I want to take fun English classes as part of my education, so be it! Zombie stories and graphic novels (again, among other things) get me more excited than the idea of sitting down to stumble over theorists.

Either way, I still have to find a way of getting this work done and getting a head start on my assignments of impending doom. Well, it’s not really DOOM, but it does seem like it at times, primarily because, in my case at least, there are six days of actual class left in the semester. This means that somewhere around 430 hours are available for lecture and the completion of assignments due in class.

And then some spare time at the end to study for the main final. But I’ll get it all done, right? I always do.