Robert Seidel is the Republican candidate for Broome County’s 15th district in the Broome County Legislature. Seidel previously served on the Binghamton City Council and has worked for the New York State Electric and Gas Corporation. He holds a degree from Broome Community College.

1. Under your leadership, how can Binghamton strengthen its neighborhoods?

“I see the blight problem facing our neighborhoods. I want to work more closely with the Broome County Land Bank and city code enforcement officials to turn around these decaying and abandoned properties. I also want to reduce the crime occurring in our neighborhoods. I will work for more cooperation between the Broome County sheriff and the [Binghamton Police Department] to develop and implement new strategies to fight crime.”

2. What are your biggest concerns in your district? How do you propose to fix them?

“In talking to the voters, high property taxes are one of the biggest concerns in the 15th district. I know that high property taxes hurt businesses, families and property values. I will fight while on the Broome County Legislature to keep our county property taxes as low as possible. One of the keys is to creatively find new revenue streams for Broome County so that we are less reliant on property taxes.”

3. How do you envision engaging with the community and addressing the concerns it may have? More specifically, what would you do to engage Binghamton University students in these community issues?

“The key is listening to and being responsive to constituents and their concerns. I am proud of my track record of responding to concerns when I served on the Binghamton City Council in the past. I’ve listed my home telephone on my campaign literature so the residents of the 15th legislative district can call me directly with problems and issues. I have a goal of starting a regular constituent newsletter — not paid for at taxpayer expense — to help increase communication with constituents outside of the election time. I welcome those BU students who live in the 15th district to be part of that communication [and] to reach out, to share their opinions, to help us shape the future of the area.”

4. Why should students vote for you?

“My focus is on the future. I want local high school and college students to enjoy Binghamton. To go to school here. To get a job here, and find a career here. To live here, and start families. All those goals mean we need to start planning for the future now. I know I can help plan for the future of our area.”