The Binghamton University Council is seeking a new student representative for the 2018-19 academic year.

The BU Council, which consists of nine unpaid members appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and one student representative elected by the University’s student body, helps supervise University operations.

The other members of the BU Council include Kathryn Grant Madigan, the chair of the council, Linda Biemer, a former professor at BU and Matthew Salanger, chief executive officer of United Health Services, Inc.

According to Madigan, the student representative influences the big decisions made within the University.

“The student representative serves as the advocate and ‘voice’ of the BU students to ensure that the students’ interests and concerns are not only brought to the attention of the president and senior leadership but serving as a vital resource for the BU leadership, thereby influencing the planning and policy making throughout the academic year, at the highest levels of governance,” Madigan wrote in an email. “It is about making a genuine contribution to the future of Binghamton University.”

Adam Wilkes, the current student representative and a senior majoring in sociology, said the role of the student representative involves working with the other council members to resolve issues concerning the University.

“The student representative is a full-voting member of the council,” Wilkes wrote in an email. “As outlined in state law, the Council collectively oversees all major plans of President Harvey Stenger, names buildings and locations and oversees student conduct policy. The Council receives a presentation each month from a different administrator — ranging from athletics to infrastructure — on all the aspects of the University’s growth.”

Four candidates are running for the position: George Bezama, a first-year graduate student studying business administration; Harry Bittker, a junior majoring in political science; Joshua Gonzalez, a first-year graduate student studying geography and Michael Harel, a junior majoring in political science.

The election will be held on Thursday, May 3 and students will receive a link via email to vote between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.