Megan Reilly/Contributing Photographer Student vendors peddled their wares to fellow undergraduates at the flea market held by the Hong Kong Exchange Square club. Though jewelry, video games, hats and other products were on sale, most of the items on sale were related to skateboarding.

Binghamton’s thriftiest students made their way to the University Union Undergrounds Tuesday evening for a flea market event hosted by the Hong Kong Exchange Square club.

All students were welcomed to buy and sell their wares at the flea market, however the event was sparsely attended. Some of the items on sale included jewelry, video games, hats, wallets and textbooks, though the market predominantly sold skateboard equipment.

Sandy Huahuang, president of HKES, hoped that the flea market would attract students to the club.

“This is our first event of the semester. Our goal is to get people to come out and hopefully get them interested in attending our GIM tomorrow evening,” said Huahuang, a junior majoring in biology.

Calvin Wong, a sophomore majoring in management, explained some of what the club hoped to accomplish with the event.

“The flea market event is being done for the first time. We want our club to get more publicity. We also want to expand awareness on campus,” Wong said.

Maneo Choudhury, a junior majoring in accounting, is in charge of publicity for HKES and was selling video games.

“I have a couple older X-Box games and some newer 360 games that I am trying to sell,” Choudhury said.

“Cards Against Humanity” was being sold for $30, a brand new black North Face jacket was being sold for $70 and a pair of headphones was being sold for $200.

Some students were able to find items worth buying at the flea market.

“I came in and was pleasantly surprised by all the things. I got myself a new Toddland wallet, which is good because my old one was ripping. They actually have some fancy stuff,” said Jesse Gillenwalters, a senior majoring in economics.

Some students such as Abbey Neeboy, a freshman majoring in economics, had a specific purpose for attending the event.

“I’m here looking for a good deal,” Neeboy said. “I really want to decorate my room.”

Though selection was lacking, attendees appreciated the thought put into the event.

“I think they should do this more often and get more publicity so more people can know about this event in the future,” said Ann Marie Dalessio, a junior majoring in psychology.

HKES hosts a series of cultural events throughout the year, including an annual Chinese New Year Celebration and an annual Moon Cake Festival.