As students begin to prepare for the fall semester, some may notice changes made to upper faculty of the Harpur College of Arts and Science.

On June 1, Interim Dean Celia Klin announced that David Clark will be serving as the associate dean for undergraduate studies in the Harpur College Dean’s Office.

Clark joined the department of political science in the fall of 2000 as an associate professor of political science. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Sewanee, the University of the South and his Master of Science and Ph.D. in political science with specializations in international relations, foreign policy and methodology from Florida State University.

Clark teaches courses in statistical methods, international conflict and foreign policy with a specialization in the domestic affairs that lead a state to choose between seeking out policies or conflict. While teaching undergraduate courses, Clark has covered topics such as issues in world politics, American foreign policy and domestic forces in world politics. He has also taught a number of graduate-level courses including a seminar in world politics and courses on regression analysis.

During his time at Binghamton University, he has also taken on positions as a professor of political science, director of graduate studies and chair of the political science department.

Klin is set to become interim dean on July 1 to facilitate the transition back to in-person classes and will be joined by Clark. Klin was named interim dean following the announcement of Dean Elizabeth Chilton’s departure to assume an executive position at Washington State University.

In the announcement, Klin gave her thoughts on Clark and his service to the University.

“In addition to being a productive scholar, [Clark] brings many years of leadership experience to Harpur College, having successfully served three terms as department chair in political science,” Klin wrote. “Harpur College is very fortunate to have Dave in this role, given his high standards, collaborative nature and deep knowledge of the University.”