Joshua Dorfman is a sophomore majoring in integrative neuroscience.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself — any clubs, hobbies or major plans for the future?

“I am currently the [Student Association (SA)] executive vice president’s (EVP) office coordinator and B-Engaged adviser and administrator. I run the office’s day-to-day operations. As the B-Engaged administrator, I approve all SA-chartered events that occur on campus and assist with any issues organizations have with the platform, like appearing in B-Line. Additionally, I am on the Education Committee of Chabad, one of the largest campus organizations. Chabad provides learning opportunities for hundreds of students on a semester basis. The committee plans, creates and facilitates many of the education-based events at Chabad. I am also a spinning instructor at Campus Recreation.”

2. What is your platform?

“My platform stands on five significant pillars: mental health, physical well-being, student advising, learning workshops and auxiliary academic resources. In terms of mental health, I view this as priority number one for the vice president [for] academic affairs’ (VPAA) office. Mental health resources and availability need to be improved for all students on campus. The resources need to take many forms, from professionals to awareness, to spaces where students can go to feel secure on campus. I believe that physical well-being stands next to mental health as a priority. Health awareness needs to improve on campus, from nutritional availability to fitness opportunities. If students are healthy, they will feel better and perform better in class.”

3. Why did you decide to run for an SA E-Board position?

“I decided to run for the SA [E-Board] after I started to work in the office of the EVP. I saw all the good things that the SA provides for the students of Binghamton University, and I wanted to help more within the organization. Before I started to work at the SA, I didn’t know what the SA did and my peers shared the same sentiment. I want to make the SA more open to students by reaching out using various education programs. The SA can be a force for good and I want to use it to better our amazing, diverse student community.”

4. What issues will you prioritize if you are elected?

“Advising for students needs to improve on campus. There need to be more advisers. I want to offer advising opportunities through the office of the VPAA. Learning workshops will give students an opportunity to learn other skills that are not traditionally taught on campus. Not everyone comes from the same background, and this will give students the opportunities to learn necessary life skills. Lastly, auxiliary resources, from printing availability and ease of use, to school supplies and the price of textbooks, to professor communications, can all use improvement. The VPAA office will focus on providing improved and new types of guidance to students.”