Maggie Koekkoek is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself — any clubs, hobbies or major plans for the future?

“I spend most of my time at Binghamton University in the [Student Association (SA)] office, where I am currently a receptionist, head minute taker and chief of staff to the president. I am also heavily involved in the Hinman Production Company (HPC) as the treasurer and a previous music director. In the future, I hope to continue my schooling in biomedical engineering and ultimately have a career in academia and research in the field of tissue engineering.”

2. What is your platform?

“As the executive vice president (EVP), my three main goals will be restructuring our mandatory leadership conferences, enhancing communication from and accessibility to the EVP office and placing an emphasis on effective transitioning for newly elected leaders of our student organizations.”

3. Why did you decide to run for an SA E-Board position?

“I have been working for the [SA] since my freshman year. I was also the president of Newing College and am currently the treasurer of [HPC], two SA-chartered organizations. Through these experiences, I have learned a lot about the way that SA organizations run and have come to admire the leadership of our students on campus, as well as grow a passion for my work in the SA. I feel that I have a lot of relevant experience to give as the EVP and a good understanding of the support that our student organizations need.”

4. What issues will you prioritize if you are elected?

“I think the most pressing issue that pertains to the [EVP]’s office is the lack of communication between the [SA] itself and the SA organizations. The SA has a lot of policies and procedures, so I think that it is important to put an emphasis on adequately training and supporting student leaders to be successful in running their clubs within the infrastructure of the [SA]. I believe that the points outlined in my platform will take large steps in addressing this issue.”