Three years ago, Binghamton University celebrated the grand opening of a new Starbucks in the Hinman Dining Hall. Now, the dining hall closed for construction. But coffee addicts can still get their fix at the mobile Starbucks truck, a temporary replacement introduced by the University over the summer.

Currently, the truck can be found in Hinman College near the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center. In order to keep students updated, the University will be posting the location of the truck at any given time via the @BingCampusFood Twitter account. Information pertaining to the location, hours and menus can be found on BU’s Sodexo website on the “What’s Open Now” page. To begin, the truck will be open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

According to Deanne Ellison, director of Auxiliary Services, the truck will be moving around campus as business needs and event opportunities dictate, based on the locations with the most positive feedback.

“We have already received a tremendously positive response to the Starbucks truck, and anticipate it will be a very popular offering for Binghamton University Dining Services [BUDS],” Ellison said.

Customers will still be able to purchase Starbucks-brand products, such as reusable mugs and cups and prepackaged food products. Ellison said the truck can still offer anything a Starbucks store can, but limited space will restrict how many items it can offer at one time.

Some students who visited the truck have said their experience was not much different from a standard Starbucks store. Elizabeth Pulley, a sophomore majoring in biology, said that the truck’s options are very similar to the store’s, if not the same.

“I think the options are almost the same and prepared just as well as before,” Pulley said. “There really isn’t a problem in my eyes with any option shortages or variety. I will definitely be stopping by again.”

Frances Wallace, a sophomore majoring in biology, said her initial concern was whether or not the truck would be able to keep up with long lines and weather conditions.

“I think the quality of the service is almost the same, but I am still nervous about how it will play out in the winter considering how busy it normally is,” Wallace said. “Although, everyone working was extremely helpful, attentive and prompt — just as enjoyable as before.”

Jim Ruoff, resident district manager for BUDS, said he is optimistic about the addition of the new truck, adding that it could continue to be used further down the line, even once the regular Starbucks store has been renovated.

“We are very excited to add the Starbucks truck to our Binghamton University Dining Services offering this year,” Ruoff said. “We are hopeful that it can help us serve the Hinman community during construction and be utilized throughout our campus community for years to come.”