Christopher Wright, a junior double-majoring in economics and political science

1. What is your platform?

“My main initiatives are to increase communication with the student population, to more efficiently create and run events, foster an atmosphere of valuing student opinions and to increase partnerships on and off campus.”

2. Why did you decide to run for an SA executive board position?

“I decided to run for an SA position because I truly enjoyed my time working with SAPB over the past years. With being on the board and taking a glance at several other programming boards across different universities, I noticed that there were certain gaps that SAPB could improve on. I’ve attempted to address these areas in my platforms, but I recognize that a truly student-focused board will address these gaps, and I hope that my large-scale programming experience and my passion for a truly well-run board will translate into a successful year for SAPB.”

3. What issues will you prioritize if you are elected? What issues do you think are most important and need to be solved?

“I will prioritize student-centered programming should I be elected to office. I want to ensure that I give students the opportunity to share feedback not only about who they would like to see on the survey, but also on how events can be improved and what their thoughts [are] on SAPB’s performance each semester. I believe it is important to not only prioritize large events, such as the fall and spring concerts, but that I also give students the opportunity to attend great comedy shows, diverse underground music events, thought-provoking lectures and entertaining festivals, and that if not for our large scale concerts, students will have tireless opportunities to voice their opinions in all aspects of the programming board’s efforts.”