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Letter from the editor

Letter from the Editor

Happy Black History Month! Although black excellence should be celebrated every month, February is a special time to acknowledge the accomplishments of black people throughout history. This year, the Black Student Union...


Regina Hall discusses complexities of black female identity

Actress Regina Hall doesn’t remember celebrating Black History Month during her undergraduate years. When she spoke at the Black Student Union’s keynote address on Friday, Feb. 23, Hall said she was taken...


Help Pipe Dream track hate crimes and bias incidents at Binghamton University

In the past few years, the Binghamton University community has experienced a good deal of race-related issues. In 2017 alone, reported instances included racist drawings appearing in multiple residence halls and a...

Health & Beauty

Cold season's got you — but so does Pipe Dream

You’ve been sick for days. Your tissue supply is quickly dwindling and every time you message someone for notes you feel like more of a burden. Although you’re sticking to a regimen...

Sex Issue 2018

Sex Issue 2018: Match birth control with mental health

You’re looking for a new method of birth control — maybe one to help clear your skin or prevent cramps. Or maybe you’re considering an intrauterine device (IUD) so you won’t have...


Volunteer — and build your resume

If you’re looking to give back to the community, build your leadership skills or gain hands-on experience in a professional field, volunteering is a great option. Whether it’s assisting young students with...


Inclusive beauty products for 2018

Now more than ever, beauty brands are catering to their darker-complexioned consumers. Unfortunately, there are still many brands that don’t. So you don’t have to sift through fifty shades of beige, PRISM...

Letter from the editor

Letter from the editor

There are many who entered 2017 with bleak expectations. The nation’s potential first woman president had not been elected and our first black president was handing over the reins to a new...

Health & Beauty

Strength-training workouts to complement your cardio

Navigating the gym can be not only confusing, but also intimidating — especially if you don’t know what to do when you get there. Instead of exclusively exercising on the cardio machines,...

Health & Beauty

Though the air is dry, your skin doesn't need to be

Although the holidays can fill your heart with warmth and joy, for those of us living in the Northeast, it might be doing the opposite for our appearance. Dry, frigid temperatures can...