It was a breezy afternoon on Sept. 26, a fitting atmosphere for the Binghamton Student Association Programming Board’s (SAPB) annual Fall Fest. As students gathered around the cowboy-themed attractions on the Binghamton University Peace Quad, the sun sank into the horizon, leaving only the chill of the late September night.

It was certainly a suitable way to usher in fall. Binghamton SAPB’s Fall Fest ran from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. this past Tuesday. They decorated the lawn with vendors, a square-dancing stage, fall themed free prizes and an electric bull that attracted quite the crowd.

Matthew Qu, an undeclared freshman, spoke about some of the attractions that were provided by SAPB, including a prize booth with free pumpkins.

“This [pumpkin] is probably the best thing I’ve gotten all week,” Qu said. “I’m super excited and I feel like it’s gonna add a lot of good vibes to my dorm room, and it should keep me motivated for the rest of the week.”

Many people seemed to share Qu’s sentiment about the unique festivities on the Peace Quad that afternoon. Friends and strangers socialized together in massive clumps, happily waiting for their pumpkins and donuts with broad smiles.

The Wild West Fall Fest was an opportunity for students to come together and celebrate what they loved about fall. Some vendors sold vintage clothing, including some intricate sweaters and warm jackets to prepare for Binghamton’s upcoming months. Others came to campus for a chance to interact with the bustling hub of eager students, ready to offer treats and goods as they take on the more frustrating responsibilities of college life.

Matthew Ferrar, a senior majoring in physics, represented the real estate group in charge of Chenango Place, an off-campus housing facility that works closely with the BU student population.

Ferrar explained the benefits of events like this for his business and the student population alike.

“We like meeting new people and showing people the type of environment that they can live in if they move to Chenango,” Ferrar said.

Briana Santana, an undeclared freshman, and Jamie Tripoli, a second-year undergraduate student majoring in pharmaceutical sciences, also expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to engage with their classmates and community.

“I think that it just lifts spirits in general,” Santana said. “I think that it’s really fun, and it’s a way to make new friends.”

Tripoli also expressed her enjoyment with the event, in response to watching some of her friends ride the mechanical bull.

“It brings everybody together,” Tripoli said.“It’s a good and fun time.”

After the first hour of activities, there was a series of rotating musical acts on the stage. Artists including Red 100s, Edge and Babi Lou, From The Bronx, Dreamboy DZY and Dream! all made appearances. Students danced along with the music until 9 p.m. when the event wrapped up.

Students moseyed into the dusk with their cowboy hats on and their bellies full of donuts. Thanks to the SAPB, this Wild West Fall Fest succeeded at bringing the community together for an evening of fall festivities once again.