In Pipe Dream’s summer issue, you’ll read a lot about how to navigate freshman and transfer orientations and the first week of classes. Not every article, however, will give you honest tips about the first nights in Downtown Binghamton during Welcome Weekend in the fall semester. Fewer still may be honest about the repercussions these nights Downtown might have on your skin. One solution to staying trendy while glowing throughout the packed schedule of your first weekend is to follow the routines of the critically esteemed blog, Into the Gloss, or to base your entire skin care and makeup routine off its popular cosmetics line, Glossier.

The brand’s marketing team and aesthetic Instagram feed have made its products some of the most popular within the millennial age group, and the prices are mostly set to match its young audience. None of the products are required to have an amazing and memorable Welcome Weekend, but if you’re a big a fan of the beauty line, you may find that the products give you the touch of fresh-faced beauty you need to feel put together the first time you hit State Street.

Friday Morning: If you’re just too excited to be at BU that you wake up well over an hour before classes, take your time this morning by starting with a Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22). The 20-minute mask makes skin dewier and plumper, setting your skin up to allow any following makeup to sink in. Good choices for class include Cloud Paint blush, in a shade like Dawn or Puff ($18), which are saturated enough to be striking but translucent enough to remain subtle. If you hit snooze too many times and woke up right before classes started, just swipe on some Boy Brow ($16), Glossier’s best-selling brow gel, and you’re ready to face the world — strong brows can distract from even the worst bedhead and make you appear put together.

Friday Night: You’ve met a few cool students in your classes, but you still don’t feel like you know that many new people, so you end up going Downtown with some of your high school friends, or maybe your roommate and their high school friends. Playing it safe and not really knowing what Downtown is like, you end up going with a more natural appearance for your first night out — only using Lash Slick mascara ($16) that makes your eyes hint at being enhanced, and some Lip Gloss ($14) for a light sheen.

Saturday Morning: Since it’s Binghamton, the sun probably isn’t out and shining, but it’s a new day. Not really knowing the area and wanting to play it casual, you went easy enough last night to wake up feeling ready for the rest of the weekend. Your suite thinks it would be a fun idea to go on a dorm-wide hike through the Nature Preserve, and you definitely don’t want to miss potentially meeting your new best friend. Thinking about how you can still get sunburned even if it’s overcast, you pump on some Invisible Shield ($25) and head out, giving your skin a break from the stress and makeup of the week.

Saturday night: You decide that this is the time to be bolder. Choosing two contrasting shades of Lidstar cream eyeshadow ($18), like Moon and Fawn, will create a dramatic eye look that will glimmer even in the lowest lights of the party you found out about because someone slipped an invite under your dorm room door. Using a highlighter like Haloscope in Moonstone ($22), which complements every skin type, will give off an iridescent glare perfect for the multicolored ambiance of State Street. You may want to also consider using Wowder ($22), Glossier’s mattifying powder, because it really will get packed and hot no matter where you go.

Sunday morning: After a hectic first weekend, today is a day for peace and detox, and the evidence is in how puffy your face felt when you woke up. Using a product like the clay Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($22) will draw the impurities and exhaustion out of your skin, and following with a serum like Super Pure or Super Glow ($28), and perhaps some sleep, will prep your face to look as fresh and new as you are to BU come Monday morning.

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