Kevin Paredes/Photography Editor If the spring weather is too hot to handle, try out these hairstyles to transform your look this season.

The spring heat can be hard enough to handle, but having uncooperative hair can make it truly unbearable. Pairing curled ponytails or messy buns with braids, headbands and clips can help transform your look for the season. Here are some fun spring hairstyles to help you spring into the season.

Half-Up Half-Down Top Knot: Brush your hair back, but instead of letting it all fall flat, pull your hair from the sides of your forehead until you reach the crown of your head. This is separating the top half of your hair from the bottom half. You should be left with a small section of hair, leaving about two-thirds of it down. Now take a hair tie and secure the mini ponytail. Then wrap the remaining hair around the hair tie, creating a small messy bun, and secure this with a few bobby pins. Add loose waves to the rest of your hair by using a curling wand with the barrel pointed downward. Take sections of hair and loop them around the curling wand, holding for about 10 seconds each. Brush out the curls for a softer look, and apply hairspray to set the look.

Beachy Side Braid: Start off by wrapping sections of your hair around a downward-facing curling wand. Flip your head upside down and shake out the curls to loosen them and create beachy waves. Use a bit of hairspray to keep the waves from falling out. Next, pick a side of your head, as this will be where the braid will start. With this portion of hair, start from near your forehead. Begin French braiding, putting one section over the middle and under the side section, grabbing hair as you do this. Once you reach a little past your ear, you can finish it by securing the braid. To do this, use two bobby pins by crossing them over each other in the shape of an X.

Upside-Down Dutch Braid to Bun: This look is perfect for people with long hair who are trying to deal with the spring heat. This finished look should be displayed from the back, as it will show a braid crawling up your head and then a bun placed on top. Start by brushing out your hair, diminishing any knots. After this, flip over your head to work with the hair that is underneath. Just like the French braid, you’re going to be dividing your hair into three sections, but this time from the nape of your neck. Instead of crossing a side strand over the middle, you will be crossing it under. Keep crossing the side strands under the middle and grab additional hair with it. Once you reach the top, tie the braid with a hair tie or use a clip to keep it in place. Next is the easy part. Put the rest of your hair in a high ponytail and then wrap a hair tie around it twice, creating a messy bun. Tuck in the loose pieces to make it neater. Afterward, tug on the braid from the sides of it to make it larger. Spray some hairspray and you’re finished.

Modern Pony: The ponytail is a spring staple, but it can get boring. To create a unique ponytail, follow these steps. Start off by putting your hair into a high ponytail, securing it with a hair tie. Then divide your hair into sections. Use a curling wand to curl each section, facing the wand downward. You should be left with tight curls, and in order to soften this look, shake your ponytail and use some hairspray. Then add a colorful, wide headband to give your ponytail some edge.