After a long and stressful semester, Santacon is once again upon us. Fraternity houses open early and people swap Glenn G. Bartle Library for the bars. Because this is a full-day event, it’s easy to get caught up and get sick. Here are some tips to ensure you stay safe and healthy.

1. Stay hydrated — Hydration is important whenever you drink, and we mean water, not more liquor. The goal is to be out all day, not in bed before 11 a.m., so pace the shots. You know your tolerance better than anyone else, so make sure to not push it, and even if your friends are still going, stop when you know you’ve had enough.

2. Eat breakfast — Even if you typically skip it, eating breakfast is essential to having a successful Santacon. Without food in your stomach, you’re likely to get way drunker faster. After eating in the morning, bring a snack with you to eat during the day. Carrying something to nibble on, like crackers or nuts, will make future you and your friends very happy.

3. Make a game plan — If you and your friends have different destinations in mind — friends’ houses or fraternity houses — prioritize certain ones and make a plan for the day. It can be good to do this over breakfast or even the night before.

4. Stay — Make sure your phone is charged and that everyone in your group has each other’s numbers. Don’t head to the next location without your friends, but just in case you get split up, plan a place to meet where you can find each other. Take care of your friends if they need it, and care for them the way you would want someone to care for you.

5. Nap, but not too much — If you plan on going out again at night and think you went too hard in the morning, take a nap. If you’re not napping in your home, be sure you’re in the home or apartment of someone you trust. Also, be sure to set an alarm so you don’t nap for too long. Over-napping can lead to grogginess and drowsiness, and you don’t want to feel exhausted when it’s time for round two.

6. Know the buses — Make sure you have access to the bus schedule — you may need it. Plan to be at the campus bus stop early to avoid lines, and remember that it could get crowded. You’ll have multiple Off Campus College Transport bus options to take you to and from campus, including the West Side, Leroy South Side, the DCR and downtown express. Be sure you know where the closest bus stops are to your planned locations.

7. Remember that not everyone in the city of Binghamton will be celebrating — So be understanding, courteous and respectful of the people who live here all year round. Don’t litter.

8. Listen to your body — If you get cold, go inside. If you get tired, take a nap. If you are thirsty or feel sick, drink water. Day-drinking is a marathon, not a sprint, so be sure to make it to the finish line.