Raquel Panitz/Pipe Dream Photographer

Cafe Oasis strayed from its typical music Saturday night, introducing the crowd to five local DJs, each bringing their unique style. The event was held as a fundraiser for Binghamton University’s campus radio station, WHRW 90.5 FM.

The event featured DJs Ché Johnson, a senior majoring in English whose DJ name is Ché; Matteo Maroun, a junior majoring in financial economics whose DJ name is Frnkln; Neil Harris, a senior majoring in business administration whose DJ name is Keith Positivity; Jared Frazer, a BU alum who graduated in ‘15, whose DJ name is JizzyFra; and Divyae Sharma, a first-year graduate student in biomedical engineering whose DJ name is Sharma. Each DJ played a one-hour set. Some focused more on lyrical pieces while others emphasized instrumental rhythms, making for an entertaining night.

DJ Ché and DJ JizzyFra have both played large-scale events before. Ché played at Camp Bisco, this past July, and is performing on New Year’s Eve with musician Thomas Jack in New York City. In addition to spinning at Luna Light Festival in Maryland, DJ JizzyFra has also spun regularly at Cafe Oasis. In comparison to the other nights he has played at the lounge, DJ JizzyFra said that Saturday’s turnout was magnificent and diverse.

“[EDM] is a growing trend,” DJ JizzyFra said. “It’s super diverse — probably one of the most diverse genres.”

Erika Korzeniewski, a senior double-majoring in Spanish and psychology and the director of WHRW’s space music department, said she spent the majority of this semester planning the event.

“One of my personal goals was to share the music I love so much with as many people as possible,” Korzeniewski said.

Roni Shabo, a junior majoring in politics, philosophy and law, said it was nice to go out and hear music she enjoyed.

“I was happy to be hearing the type of music that makes me happy,” Shabo said. “It’s not always like that when I go out in Binghamton.”

DJ Sharma said that he is happy that this genre is making its way into Binghamton.

“I was glad to see a whole new underground music scene bumping right in the heart of Downtown Binghamton.”

Ira Yousey, a senior majoring in environmental studies, said he enjoyed his time at the show.

“Cafe O’Spacis is an event where I can dance my troubles away while simultaneously supporting local business and local DJs,” Yousey said. “In other words, it’s a fantastic use of my time.”