The Chromebook

Just imagine this scenario. You have three different Word documents open for three different class assignments, your iPhoto is uploading pictures of you dancing at Scoreboard, all while Facebook is open to see if anyone tagged you in embarrassing pictures. But your browser is taking forever to load, forcing you to use your smartphone to de-tag that picture your parents should never lay eyes on. At this point your laptop is getting hot and making a humming noise, and your browser is still only half-loaded. Then everything freezes, but your iTunes is still playing “Ice Ice Baby,” and you can’t even silence that irritating song. Your frustration forces you to just close the computer and walk away before any more damage is actually done. If this situation happens to you (and let’s be honest, it probably has before) then there is a solution for you — Google’s new baby, The Chromebook.

The Chromebook is Internet all day, every day. And let’s face it, we’re usually using the Internet 24/7 anyway. Forget about your hard drive slowing down your web connection; The Chromebook does not store anything. It is just a browser. That’s right, it’s a laptop designed solely for the Internet. Flip open the laptop and Google Chrome is at your fingertips.

The iPhone 4S

[You may think there isn’t a big difference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, but you’re simply wrong. Apple has provided its customers with the Dual-Core A5 Chip, making the iPhone twice as fast. Apple also improved its camera feature by providing five lenses to ensure the sharpest photos.

Then there is the new technology that is bound to change the world from here on out. Siri, the “intelligent assistant,” is a remarkable innovation that will make our hectic days must simpler. Tell Siri to schedule your intramural soccer game Sunday afternoon, and it will update your calendar. Ask your intelligent assistant if there is traffic on Route 80 East and you’ll get an accurate response. It is truly a product of our technology age. Although we may have been underwhelmed to hear the iPhone 5 won’t be coming out until next year, the 4S has drastically improved from the iPhone 4. Preorder now because it became available today.

The Kindle Fire

The newest color tablet to hit the market — and while it’s no Apple product — the Kindle Fire is lot cheaper and it’s a fierce competitor to the iPad. With a retail value of an unrivaled $199, the Fire is more of an impulse buy than an investment purchase like the iPad, which retails at around $500. The Fire provides users with 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books, as well as thousands more applications available for download on the Amazon Android Appstore on its multi-touch display.

However, there are some limitations to the Kindle Fire. There is a far more limited selection of apps available on Amazon than on Apple. Amazon only has 10,000 of its 200,000 apps available for the Kindle, according to But overall, there are thousands of things to do with your Kindle Fire in vivid colors and cool visuals at just a fraction of the cost, as well as a fraction of the size, of an Apple iPad. The Fire is 7′ inches, not 10′ inches.

The Amazon Fire goes on sale Nov. 15.