Tycho McManus/Assistant Photo Editor

When people need to relax, they usually turn to one of three things: alcohol, junk food or creative expression. Now there’s a place that combines all three, comfortably located just a few blocks away from Downtown.

Last summer, local entrepreneur Alise Pierson took the initiative to establish a new space for the arts in Binghamton. Wanting to bring some new vibrancy to State Street, she opened Uncorked Creations as a space for painting. Since then, the loft-style venue has served as a social and artistic channel for both veteran and amateur artists alike.

“I’m just excited to bring more creativity to people’s lives with it,” said Pierson.

Originally, the studio had a BYOB policy for artists to unwind both after and during the painting sessions. Although this policy was revoked due to legal constraints, the studio was able to team up with Social on State, the tapas bar next door. Through this partnership, they were able to continue to provide the creative boost for their patrons. Meanwhile, the studio was already working on getting a liquor license, and the wine bar was in the works. Finally, on Sept. 5, the bar opened to the public, and reception has been positive.

Uncorked Creations features painting classes for all ages, with adult classes starting at $35, and “Creative Kids” classes for $25. The price “includes the canvas, paint, art supplies and 2 to 3 hours of instruction” according to their website.

If the prospect of alcohol and painting is not tantalizing enough, then let the addition of a sweet dessert finally convince you.

Pairing wine with chocolate is not an easy task, as some argue that the flavors compete so much that it cannot be done. Uncorked, however, knows how to do it. The variety of wines is not as extensive as in other places, and the chocolates not as diverse as you’d find at a chocolatier, but each is carefully selected for a purpose. For the untrained palate, it will open a world of new possibilities.

While the space is reminiscent of a fancy New York City loft-bar, there is something distinctly Binghamton about the place. Looking out of the window while surrounded by warm lights and art gives you a different view of upstate New York.

The space is big enough to host a large party while still being cozy. While there are small tables, perfect for dates and other escapades, the bar and larger tables are more prominent, emphasizing the social aspect of the place. Regardless of where you sit, after a few glasses of wine and the perfect pairing of chocolate, you will be talking to everyone around you.

The space, as well as the studio, is available for private parties and events, so make sure to check their calendar to see when and what times the bar is open, so you don’t unexpectedly walk into someone’s event.

Whether you’re looking for an artistic outlet, or just want to enjoy the delicious buzz of this amazing combination, Uncorked Creations has a space for you.