At this point in your Restaurant Week journey, you’ve probably scoped out plenty of lunch places — it’s hard to beat three courses for $10. However, you are an adult now, and that means it’s time to join the big leagues and have at least one nice dinner, too. The Loft at 99, which was recently remodeled, is the perfect opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and try some new twists on classic dining favorites. That being said, with so many amazing options, it’s hard to choose just one item for each course!

Kyle Bunker, one of the Loft’s owners, is here to help foodies with the incredibly difficult choice of dishes.

“We design all our dishes to satisfy the palate of our diners. Their choice is driven by their own taste buds. When diners don’t know what to choose, we often recommend they order a couple different items and share the dishes family-style,” Bunker said.

The Loft’s atmosphere is that of a fine dining establishment, but has a casual feel. The service is friendly and very professional, and the Restaurant Week menu is diverse but comfortable, featuring autumn-inspired choices such as butternut squash soup and pumpkin desserts.

“We’re taking the opportunity to include some ‘taste of fall’ options,” Bunker said. “Our kitchen and dining room are extensions of our home. We hope that when customers leave they will have enjoyed the total experience — our food, our hospitality and our venue.”

So put on a nice shirt, beg your parents for some extra cash and give the Loft a shot — it’s time to be a grown-up.