Caspar Carson/Photo Intern These are some great spots around BU to have a memorable graduation photoshoot.

Graduation season is upon us and that means everyone’s Instagram feed will be flooded with pictures of friends donning caps and gowns. Whether you want to post pictures, save them in a photo album or give them to your parents to hang on the fridge, having a plan of when and where you want to take graduation pictures will save you and your friends lots of time and energy. While everyone has spots with specific memories they may want to take a picture at, here is a list of the best places to stop at during your graduation photoshoot.

The Berm

The most popular spot for pictures is the Berm and for obvious reasons. This is the spot in front of the Peace Quad where flowers outline 2022, and “Binghamton” is spelled out in large letters. Stand on top of the rocks and take a picture to commemorate your class year.

Infinity Fountain

Located in front of the Glenn G. Bartle Library’s main entrance is the long Infinity Fountain. Graduates have stood on top of the fountain kicking out water in the past or posed at its end with the library looming over them. If you go while the sun is low, there will be a beautiful glow on the water and you will capture some breathtaking pictures.

Freshman year dorm

Take a picture of where it all began and pose in front of the building you lived in your first year at Binghamton University. Bonus points if you’re still friends with your freshman year roommate and you take a picture there together.


Spice up your pictures with some beautiful flowers and plants surrounding you in the greenhouse on campus. The greenery will even match your cap and gown!

Academic buildings

Some majors have specific buildings students take most of their classes in, such as the Engineering Building, Fine Arts Building, Academic Building A and B and the Science buildings. Find the sign on the building wall and pose below it.

Your favorite bar

If you and your friends enjoyed going out on the weekends, take a silly photo in front of your favorite bar. Even better, go into the bar with your cap for some unique and hilarious photos — just don’t ruin or lose it!

Steps near the Marketplace on the Spine

Stagger your friends along the stairs to create some dimension. You can even get the Bartle Library tower or the rest of the Spine in the background.

Bridge in the BU Nature Preserve

Without ruining your clothes or shoes, head on over to the Nature Preserve trail and take some pictures on the bridge. The background will showcase the pond, trees and beautiful scenery.

Mountainview College

Head up to the top of the Mountainview College dorms and take some pictures with the rest of campus in the background. If your photo shoot is on a sunny day during golden hour, there may be a colorful sunset on the horizon.

Whether you take your pictures in the library or on the Peace Quad, the only important thing to remember is to smile. These are some of the last pictures you and your friends will take on campus, so enjoy the moment and give your best smile!