Looking to get out and explore Downtown Binghamton’s art scene? First Friday is the answer. This monthly event offers plenty of options from gallery tours to restaurants to artist pop-ups, as well as many different types of art. Here is the list of events for October’s First Friday!

Oct. 1 to Oct. 4 at Orazio Salati Studio & Gallery (204 State St.)

Orazio is featuring the works of Cindy Henry, Michelle Leonard, Fern Lynn, Orazio Salati and Vigo Madsen, which are collections of ceramics, fiber arts, encaustic and printmaking.

Oct. 2 to Oct. 17 at Cooperative Gallery 213 (213 State St.)

Cooperative Gallery is featuring the works of several artists including Betsy William, Linda Ciallelo, Chuck Haupt, Judy Salton, MaryRose and Kit Ashman. The gallery is offering several different types of art mediums like portraiture, photographs, paintings, prints and mixed media for viewers to explore.

Sept. 1 to Nov. 2 at The Lost Dog Cafe (222 Water St.)

The Lost Dog is featuring several abstract and semi-abstract pieces from artist Gabe Morton-Cook. The drawings focus on the “dissonance” within the human experience.

Oct. 2 to Oct. 31 at Artisan Gallery (95 Court St.)

The Artisan Gallery is exhibiting a collection called “Joy Through My Eyes,” created by Carol Arnold. Arnold created the collection in order to represent the beauty of life, in hopes of inspiring the viewer to do the same.

Jan. 15 to Oct. 31 at Roberson Museum & Science Center (30 Front St.)

Roberson Museum & Science Center is exhibiting “Propaganda: Selling a War,” which showcases the works of several artists. The exhibition was inspired by America’s old viewpoint on staying out of wars and the effectiveness of propaganda.

Oct. 2 at Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church (44 Main St.)

Trinity Memorial is showcasing the works of Phylis Amenda, Ph.D., in an exhibition called “Anti-Slavery in Upstate New York”. The exhibition explores the events in upstate New York that caused it to be a known abolitionist hotbed.