With April now in full swing, the sun is peeking out more and the flowers are starting to blossom. As greenery and sunshine returns to our lives, Pipe Dream has compiled several songs suited for the season. Despite the fact that most of us are spending our days inside taking online classes, we hope you are able to socially distance outdoors, enjoy nature and listen to a few of our favorite spring tunes.

“Here Comes the Sun” — The Beatles

This classic Beatles song is inspired by spring itself. The sparse acoustic guitar and elegant lyrics create an image of a morning sunrise and give listeners a sense of optimism, warmth, positivity and new life. It tells us that no matter how dark our night may be, tomorrow is a new day filled to the brim with new opportunities. While there is no doubt that we are facing difficult times this year, “Here Comes the Sun” serves as a reminder of the better days ahead.

“14 Faces” — Lewis Del Mar

Hailing from Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York, Lewis Del Mar is an experimental pop duo. This song features their token acoustic guitar and Latin American-inspired drums. The eclectic mix creates a unique and memorable sound that is easy to drift off to while laying under the sun.

“Gooey” — Glass Animals

This psychedelic indie-pop song uses tropical percussion, soft melodic vocals and a synthesizer to create a dreamlike ambiance. “Gooey” easily floats in and out of slow verses to a faster and more upbeat chorus, featuring a unique sampling of sounds. It’s hard to think of a better song to listen to while wandering through nature.

“Cooks” — Still Woozy

Artist Still Woozy combines a funky dreamscape sound with lyrics about longing for his love and the comfort and security he feels around them. “Cooks” is a heartwarming yet melancholy song that is perfect to listen to while lounging around, letting time pass over you.

“Let It Be” — The Beatles

Uplifting lyrics combined with a lovely piano instrumental makes “Let It Be” the perfect song for the season of rebirth and new hope. Inspired by Paul McCartney’s dream about his mother, The Beatles urge us to take a deep breath and let go of whatever is causing us stress.

“Cold Canary Gaslight” — Marty O’Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra

This band blends jazz, folk and blues in their single “Cold Canary Gaslight” to create a soulful tune set to the instrumental of an acoustic guitar. The band members’ voices blend together and complement one another beautifully to create an elegant, old-school sound.