College students interested in business-related careers have countless potential paths they could pursue. Ranging from consulting to human resources to corporate law, the options are seemingly endless. Now, students interested in exploring the business end of the fashion industry can do so through the BU Business Fashion Society, a new club on campus.

The club, established this semester, was created for students who are interested in pursuing business careers within the fashion industry. Co-founders Rene Vorilas, vice president and a junior majoring in business administration, and Alexandra Lattuca, president and a senior majoring in business administration, decided to form the club when they realized BU had few resources and connections for business students who desire to work in a field not related to finance or accounting.

“[Lattuca] and I both are in the [School of Management (SOM)] but bonded over our interests in working in the fashion industry,” Vorilas wrote in an email. “She had interned at Steve Madden and Luxottica and I had interned at Brooks Brothers, yet despite all of the resources given to students for internships, we had to seek [out] these internships on our own. We realized that there was nothing for students like us to get connected with individuals in the fashion industry and learn about job opportunities so we decided to create the [BU] Business Fashion Society. We want to share that there are jobs out there for people with interests in business besides accounting and finance — and want to create a space for people to learn, create and make connections.”

The new group will strive to provide both a professional and creative outlet for students in Harpur College and SOM who are looking for opportunities to combine their business skills with their creativity.

“We find that there are many students in [SOM] and Harpur College who want to pursue careers in the industry but don’t know where to begin in their research or how to navigate the recruiting process,” said Claudian Francis, vice president of finance and a sophomore majoring in economics. “We help provide students with the knowledge and experiences to pursue opportunities in the fashion industry.”

Matthew Baker, assistant vice president of fundraising and marketing and a senior majoring in English, said the club has helped him further his interest in the fashion industry.

“I think overall it brings a sense of inclusion to the BU campus, especially for me at least,” Baker wrote in an email. “I have wanted to work in the fashion industry for quite some time, but have always felt that I significantly lacked the resources to get there at BU. So for a club to finally be accessible that’s catered to my interests is extremely welcoming and fulfilling.”

Vorilas said she wants BU Business Fashion Society to be a unique, open and collaborative space for students in every level of involvement with the group.

“We want to be a resource for people,” Vorilas wrote. “We send out weekly briefs every Sunday with links to relevant internships, professional development and even fun news sections! Since we are new, we are constantly adapting and changing to what our members want out of the club — so unlike existing organizations, we hope that every person has a say as to what happens in the future of this club!”

This semester, the BU Business Fashion Society has a number of events planned, including T-shirt bleaching and cutting, thrift sales, professional development workshops and a speaker series featuring employees from companies like Bloomingdale’s, Steve Madden and Gap. Through these activities, Vorilas hopes to bring awareness to the business side of the industry and encourage those interested in finance, management and fashion to find a career that fits them.

“At my summer internship, I was being paid the same as my friends with finance internships while being able to come in on my own time, wear fashionable clothing … and get really valuable work experience,” she wrote. “We just want to open students’ eyes to this realm of work that they may not even know is possible, as well as provide a space for people interested in fashion and design to find people that they vibe with.”