The countdown to graduation has reached double digits. Yikes.

It’s frightening for some and a relief for others, in my case the former. But there’s still plenty of time for seniors to live the remainder of the college days to the fullest.

In last Friday’s issue, Pipe Dream’s editorial board outlined a list of things graduating seniors should look forward to. Well, here’s a list of things (sports-related, of course) to do before you graduate.


The Yankees kick off spring training on March 3, and the Mets on Mar. 5 (but who cares). When you’re employed, spring training games are on air while you’re at work. But as a student, especially those with free afternoons, this is the perfect opportunity to catch your team in those colorful alternate jerseys they’ll never break out during the regular season.

Tuning in to spring training goes something like this. Watch the first game your team plays, and watch closely to see how players look facing live pitching and playing in an actual game. Act like you really care and, since you’re watching spring training games, that you’re the biggest fan in the world. Don’t watch another game until the regular season. We all do it.


The NCAA tournament officially kicks off with the “first four” on Tuesday, March 13, but the “second round” (known to the common man as the first round) starts March 15.

If you’re a graduating senior, pay close attention. Plenty of my friends, and likely myself included, will be skipping classes on March 15 and 16 to watch 12 hours of nonstop basketball each day. We’ll all be hovered around the television with our brackets in hand (even though everyone knows picking first-round games means nothing, you really just need to pick the winner and two final four teams to win your pool). I recommend everyone do the same. Next year, skipping work for two days won’t go over too well with your employer.


En-joie is located in Endicott, about 20 minutes from campus. If you’re a golfer, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Every year, the senior PGA tour has an event there, and some of the most notable golfers play. It’s a tough course, at least for me, but it’s a really cool experience to see all of the grandstands surrounding the greens. You can pretend you’re on the PGA tour … when you’re sitting 12 on the fringe.


Why drive to Syracuse to see a basketball game when we have a Division I program right here at Binghamton?

I think you know why.

Syracuse is about an hour away, and tickets can be expensive, but seeing a game at the Carrier Dome is pretty exciting. The Orange were ranked No. 1 for most of the season, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Plus, you’ve seen the worst team in the country this season; why not go see the best?