Emily Earl/Pipe Dream Photographer The women’s cross country team earned the Binghamton Team Academic Cup for the fourth-straight semester, boasting an average team GPA of 3.56.

In fall 2015, for the fourth consecutive semester, the Binghamton women’s cross country team won the Team Academic Cup, the University announced on Tuesday. The cup is awarded to the BU Athletics team with the highest grade point average every semester.

The members of the women’s cross country team combined for a 3.56 GPA, the highest of all women’s teams. On the men’s side, the tennis team recorded the highest average with a 3.31. This semester also marks the 20th semester in a row that Binghamton student-athletes have averaged over a 3.0 overall, and the seventh straight semester that this mark has been above a 3.1.

Assistant Provost for Athletics Compliance and Associate Director of Athletics David Eagan called this a tremendous accomplishment, and said he was very proud of the entire BU Athletic Department, especially its students.

“They have a lot of requirements that the general student population does not have,” Eagan said. “This means our coaches are recruiting the right prospective student-athletes.”

He also credited the athletic department’s staff, noting the tutors and academic counselors that are available to BU athletes.

“It’s a testament to our staff and our coaching staff,” Eagan said about the academic success. “What we try to do is make sure they have all the tools they need to be successful.”

Eagan also spoke very highly of head women’s cross country coach, Annette Acuff, citing her team’s accomplishment as a clear example of her commitment to academics. Eagan called her an asset to the athletic department.

Acuff, however, took no credit for the distinction, giving all the credit to her athletes.

“We try to do the best we can to recruit the best student-athletes,” Acuff said. “[But] the girls deserve all the credit. They’re very committed to their academics.”

She also noted the flexibility that the sport of cross country provides for academics, as her athletes are able to run or work out on their own should they have a review session or want to meet with a professor during the time that practice is scheduled.

“It makes you certainly feel very good about the type of kids you’re recruiting,” Acuff said about her team earning the Cup. “But, really, honestly, they deserve all the credit.”

Senior co-captain of the women’s cross country team Anna Corrigan also gave a nod to Acuff’s dedication to academics, noting that it leads to the success of the team.

“She is stressing academics all the time,” Corrigan said. “She is always stressing that school comes first, and to make sure you’re focusing on your studies at all times.”

Corrigan also credited the upperclassmen on the team, who, she said, make a point to guide the underclassmen and ease their transition into college, both academically and athletically.

“The upperclassmen help them out, show them the ropes, make sure they’re getting all their work done,” Corrigan said. “It’s just really great to see everyone getting their work done both in school and on the track.”