LOCK: NEW YORK GIANTS (-7) over Washington — Well, I have read a lot of articles about Derek Jeter potentially playing for the Giants, so … OK, don’t worry, I am totally kidding. I am not THAT bad with sports (although the sports editors will argue that). Diana’s Giants-themed Snuggie definitely influenced my decision, but with a 7-4 record, I hope I can’t go wrong.

Buffalo (+6) over MINNESOTA — I hear the Bills ALMOST beat the Steelers. Though I have always been told “almost doesn’t count,” I am putting my faith in our opinion editor Nate Fleming’s home town and making the call that the Bills will pull through this weekend.

New Orleans (-6.5) over CINCINNATI — New Orleans won the Super Bowl last season, and its 8-3 record supports the idea that it is heading in the right direction this season, too. Pierre Thomas, last season’s leading rusher for the Saints, could be returning to the field after eight weeks on the sidelines, which increases the Saints’ chance of having a good game (see, I did my research).

New York Jets (+3.5) over NEW ENGLAND — My cousin has a room in his house dedicated to the Jets and his dogs even bark the J-E-T-S cheer during each game, so he would call me a traitor over winter break if I don’t put my support behind his favorite team. Maybe he’ll even share his season tickets with me and invite me to a game if he reads this!