LOCK: St. Louis (-3) over ARIZONA — It’s hard to believe the Cardinals were in a Super Bowl just a couple years ago. They couldn’t even muster an effort against the disappointing 49ers. Give me the mediocre Rams over awful Cards.

Chicago (-3.5) over DETROIT — Say what you will, the Bears are 8-3 and first in their division, despite their many flaws. While the team is coming off a few important wins over Minnesota, Miami and Philly, Detroit is still waiting on Matthew Stafford, and the Lions really haven’t looked good without him.

BALTIMORE (-3) over Pittsburgh — Which Steeler team will we see on Sunday? The one that eeked out a road win over the Bills, or the one that destroyed Oakland at home? The Steelers’ players say the refereeing won’t affect the way they play, but it will be hard for that to be the case. A hard-hitting game that’s going to be a must-watch, as will be …

New York Jets (+3.5) over NEW ENGLAND — I’ll admit, this pick is about heart more than head. That being said, these are two high-quality teams with a legitimate rivalry who both know how important this game is. The idea of this game within a field goal is definitely realistic.