LOCK: NEW YORK GIANTS (-7) over Washington — New York linemen have really given Eli Manning room to work as of late, and though a couple of injuries have hurt the squad, they have done a better job adjusting than the Redskins have with their injuries.

INDIANAPOLIS (-5.5) over Dallas — My extreme frustrations with the Colts get worse and worse each week. Keeping the faith against the Cowboys, who really gave the Saints a run for their money, isn’t easy, but I’m sticking with it.

Chicago (-3.5) over DETROIT — The Bears not only get to face a mediocre team in Detroit, but they’re lucking out even more this week when the Lions start the back-up QB’s back-up. That’s right, third string … it won’t be enough against da Bears.

BALTIMORE (-3) over Pittsburgh — If the Ravens pressure the run, it will force Pittsburgh to pass, something that isn’t too great for the Steelers. Holding that in check should be enough for Baltimore and the result will be the same as when they held the Steelers down the first time around in Week 4.