After a blowout loss to the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, it’s safe to say the New York Jets will miss the playoffs yet again as they fall to 0-8 for the 2020 NFL Season.

Being a Jets fan myself, the pure misery of watching this team play the game of football is at an all-time high this year. The 2020 New York Jets might be the worst Jets team I have laid my eyes upon since becoming a fan.

The amount of pain this team has dragged me through in my teenage years has been wildly abundant. I haven’t witnessed a Jets playoff run since I was in the fourth grade. To put that in perspective, I am now a sophomore in college. Even after missing the playoffs for the 10th straight season, I still consider myself an optimistic fan — but after watching this team play this year and seeing our “savior” Sam Darnold regress, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it always has been and will be the “same old Jets” until further notice.

Anyone with some sort of football knowledge can easily come to the conclusion that Adam Gase has no idea how to be an NFL head coach. Making matters worse, the roster itself might be the worst in recent history, which is hard to believe considering the awful Jets teams over the past decade. However, even with former head coaches Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles, teams with equally poor talent were, for the most part, competitive in games. This is the complete opposite of the Gase-led Jets.

The Jets have been 7-17 with Gase as head coach. They weren’t even competitive in the games they lost last year, and the same is true for most losses this year. As the Jets’ head coach, Gase has 13 double-digit losses. What does this show? It shows that the players aren’t coming onto the field on Sundays well prepared and continue to get blown out. It is clear that if the players aren’t prepared and are unsure of what to do in certain situations, it is on the coaches. Even with the poor rosters, Ryan and Bowles had some years when the team was still competitive, meaning they were at least coached well. As a Jets fan, it’s honestly sad that Gase is so bad he makes Bowles look like a good coach.

Even though it’s very clear Gase is a terrible head coach and will be fired either during the season or after, the root of the problem is the ownership. The Johnsons have been incompetent owners since they purchased the Jets in 2000. Woody Johnson, who is the true owner of the Jets in the Johnson family, has made wrong decision after wrong decision since he stepped in as owner. It’s clear due to all the losing seasons the Jets have been doing in recent memory.

Then, a glimmer of hope occurred in 2016, when Woody Johnson gave ownership duties over to his brother Christopher Johnson. That hope faded quickly once he hired Gase as head coach, and even went as far as calling him a “brilliant offensive mind” this year. Just to inform anyone who isn’t familiar with the situation, the Jets have been dead last in almost every offensive category since Gase became head coach. To be fair to Christopher Johnson, he can’t say bad things about his head coach publicly, but the fact that Gase hasn’t been fired yet is concerning. Either way, it wouldn’t be outlandish to conclude that he has lost the trust of most Jets fans.

Well then, what’s next? Is there any hope for the future? The one bright spot of the organization is general manager Joe Douglas. Thus far, Douglas has made smart decisions for the team’s future, such as saving cap space for this upcoming offseason, making smart draft choices in the 2020 NFL Draft and stockpiling draft picks for the future. Even recently, he has traded proven veterans for even more late-round draft picks to further improve the Jets’ future draft capital. However, if he isn’t the right guy for the job, it might be another five years until the Jets even sniff the playoffs.

As for now, all there is for Jets fans is hope for the future. The only thing keeping us around is the unrealistic hope of future greatness that comes each offseason. Even though being a Jets fan may have taken years off my life, I’ll be sticking around hoping one day I will witness the Jets win a Super Bowl. Until then, I’ll continue to complain to my father asking him why on Earth he made me a New York Jets fan.