The Binghamton men’s tennis team looked to rebound this weekend after their 7-0 loss to Cornell on Jan. 25. The team hosted Youngstown State and St. Francis Brooklyn on Sunday at the Binghamton Tennis Center, losing to the Penguins 4-3, but coming back from the loss with a 6-1 victory over the Terriers for their second win of the season.

In the first match of the day, the Bearcats (2-3) competed against the Youngstown State Penguins (2-0). Binghamton climbed to an early 3-1 lead, winning three out of the first four singles matches. However, the Penguins didn’t back down, sweeping the double matches and coming back to win the match by a final score of 4-3.

Binghamton head coach Nick Zieziula cited injuries as a key reason why BU lost the match.

“Going into the start of that match, we had [senior] Tiago Lourenco, who has been playing some great tennis, [have] an ankle issue,” Zieziula said. “So we had him down, and we had an issue with [senior Kushaan Nath’s] back; it’s not going to be long term. So when you take our top two guys out, it hurts us. We had to juggle the doubles team last minute.”

However, Binghamton rebounded against the Terriers (2-3), winning 6-1, including all three doubles matches, where senior Sebastian Quiros and Nath won their match 6-0 against the Terriers’ junior Dennis Sanchez Felipe and sophomore Luis Foix Sotos.

Zieziula seemed proud that his team was able to rebound after seeing two of its senior players go down with injuries earlier in the day.

“The guys had great energy at the start of the St. Francis match,” Zieziula said. “We swept the doubles, which was good, again juggling doubles lineup, not easy to do with no practice reps together, and St. Francis fought the whole way through. We raised our intensity level through that match which was great, so I was really excited to see the group come together for that match.”

As the young season grows for the Bearcats, Zieziula said the team can only learn and grow from its mistakes.

“We talked about that a lot, what did we learn and experience on Sunday,” Ziezula said. “The guys have a lot of respect for each other. Dealing with what we dealt with on Sunday, and knowing that people were going to support each other, be positive and keep the energy up — those things are great lessons to learn early on in the season, and hopefully we will be a little bit healthier moving forward, but knowing that the guys have each other’s backs, and that our guys support each other and trust the process of staying focused on little things, was a great lesson to take away from the weekend.”

Next weekend, the Bearcats are traveling to West Point, New York to compete against Army. The match will begin at 7 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 31 in the Lichtenberg Tennis Center.