Happy Black History Month! Although black excellence should be celebrated every month, February is a special time to acknowledge the accomplishments of black people throughout history. This year, the Black Student Union (BSU) chose black artistry as their theme and we followed suit.

In this issue, we have an interview with Monet Schultz, the president of BSU. She provided an insightful look into her identity as a black Guyanese woman, her evolving relationship with BSU and what Black History Month and black artistry mean to her. We also have an article discussing the recent and long-overdue appreciation of black art.

Although we wanted to focus primarily on black culture, we also wanted to balance our content with articles more groups can relate to. We have articles on topics ranging from a “survival guide” for students of color to Instagram accounts to follow if you’re looking for a daily dose of representation and empowerment.

Lastly, we have our cover girl, Sophea Clarke. Clarke is an artist I met at the Sip ‘N’ Paint event hosted by BSU and the Gamma Sigma Zeta Fraternity, Inc. She paints beautiful, vibrant black women, and as a black woman myself, her work immediately struck a chord with me. Upon interviewing her, I became even more enamored. She speaks candidly about her journey as a light-skinned, mixed-race black woman and coming to terms with her racial identity. She is now a strong advocate for self-love — something we should all strive for.