It’s always been hard for me to leave the Pipe Dream office. I’ve skipped so many classes and I often stayed here so much longer than I needed to.

There were times when being in the office was tough. It was the scene of a hectic, messy year with more than a few setbacks.

But behind its windowless, cold and sometimes miserable interior, there’s something magical and charming about this office that I love so much. It is the only place at this University where I ever really felt at home and the only place I ever really wanted to be. I wouldn’t have done it any other way or with any other group of people.

Now that I’m wrapping up my term as editor-in-chief and graduating, it’s difficult to put into words how much this place has meant to me over the years. I don’t have great words of wisdom or an amazing story to tell. But I just want to say how much everybody who put even an ounce of effort into this thing means to me.

Thank you to everyone who’s picked up the paper this year — even if it was just for the crossword.

Georgia, thank you for letting me test out the jokes I was going to say in the office on you. I’m sure almost none of them were funny. You’re so kind, funny and smart — even when all I talked about was Pipe Dream. I’ve learned so much from you. I’ll miss the corner gang with you and Amy.

Jeff, I read your senior column at least 20 times before writing this to try and figure out how to write one even half as good as yours was. You might not realize it, but so much of what you and Rohit left us helped us so much. Rohit, thank you for thinking I’d be a competent managing editor and showing me how to do just about everything in Pipe Dream. I should’ve called you for help more than I did — I needed it more than I let on.

Emily and Bridget, I’m so confident in you two — you’re going to do a great job next year. I’m so happy I’m leaving Pipe Dream in better hands than it was in this year. Never take any of this too seriously, even when it gets tough.

Thank you E.Jay for letting me cover men’s basketball with you. It might’ve seemed small, but it meant so much to me and I learned a lot. Orla, I know we had a rough time working together every now and then, but I hear we’re going to be in the same building this summer. We should catch up sometime.

Shauna, I’ll miss calling you from across the room. I’ll see you in New City when you get back from San Francisco. In case anybody doesn’t know, she’s interning at the SFMOMA.

Henry, Kevin, Sam and Sasha, thank you for working so hard this year. It was a little tough at times, but I’m proud of all you guys have done.

Thank you Kara for putting so much effort into PRISM. I can’t imagine where it would be if you didn’t take over. Sarah, I know you’ll do great next year.

Cory, keep doing great things. You and Kevin made the paper look so good this year. I’m going to miss the Animal Crossing theme song. Maryam, we put you in a tough situation this year, but you’re doing great. If you don’t do anything else next year, just remember to invoice.

Erik, Nick, Joe, Josh, Andrew, Brandon and anybody else I’m forgetting, you guys might not read this, but I really was in the Pipe Dream office that entire time.

Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there for me. Emily, thank you for always being supportive and sending me pictures of Luna. Also, congratulations on … that thing.

And thank you WB03 for always feeling like home these past few years. I dreaded writing this column all year, not because it was hard or because I’m not ready to graduate, but because it means being evicted from this place where I’ve spent so much time, it became more like my apartment than my apartment itself.

Noah Bressner is the editor-in-chief. He was the managing editor in fall 2017 and an assistant sports editor in 2016-17.