At the end of this article, it’s going to say that I am a senior majoring in human development. That is a lie. Not really, but for the past 10 years, I should have known better.

When people ask me my major, I say these words exactly, every time: “Human development. It’s kind of like social work, but not really. Also, I’m minoring in theatre.” Generally, no one cares about your minor. It’s the hobby you wish you could study full-time, but know that it wouldn’t make sense or get you any money or fame.

In Pipe Dream, I’ve been a copy editor for about a year and a half. I’ve never written an article, and I’ve never wanted to. I don’t even know why I’m writing this one. But in the many things I’ve learned about copy editing, one of the most common things we see is attributions: John Doe, a sophomore majoring in vaping. And we never publish minors because who cares, right?

Well, as it turns out, the reason I always tag on my minor to people is because at this point, it matters more to me than my major. Sorry, HDEV. My major doesn’t deserve the reputation it gets in the professional world. Some of the classes we take should be mandatory. If I hadn’t chosen this as my major, I never would’ve been forced to face the injustices people deal with every day. I’m grateful for it. That being said, I have no interest whatsoever in pursuing a career in human development, whatever those two words are meant to mean together.

I’ve been involved in theatre since I was 11. I met my best friends through theatre. To be clear, I am not an actor, nor will I ever be one. Only true friends remember my cameo in “Fame” when I was a sophomore in high school — someone called for a mic and I brought them one. The crowd went wild. Just kidding. I have only worked backstage. I have painted, I have stage managed, I have loved, I have lost and theatre has been the only constant. And now, my love lies with costumes.

If I give any advice to people younger than me, it’s to learn to eat lunch by yourself, never change for anyone and try your best to do what you love. It’s not always realistic and being a doctor or lawyer will always get you more money than being a costume stitcher, but keep your hobbies, kids. Maybe you’ll make them a career one day. Maybe doing two credits in the costume shop will change your life. Who knows? Why not do it? Nothing matters.

So that’s my spiel. In other news (ha ha), I love this paper and being a part of it. I love copy goddesses Shauna, Bridget, Sarah and now, baby Lia (sorry for calling you a baby at the first meeting, but you are one and there’s nothing I can do about it) and I adore everyone else on this team of weirdos who live for grammar. Thanks for enduring two-hour shifts of doing homework and laughing at Police Watch.

Thanks SA Ink for always letting me print stuff and teaching me that memes can even be made about printers.

I love you a lot, Kara and Julie. That’s as sappy as I’ll get.

Thank you to my Tom. I hope we never break up, just so I don’t regret writing about you in a Pipe Dream article.

All my love to Team Valor, and we really need a new group name. You guys are my best friends and you’re never getting rid of me.

And lastly, thank you to Andrea, Marisa and Sandy for providing me a place where I feel comfortable and for answering all my questions. Never did I think I’d feel as strongly as I do for you strong, weird, candid women.

Simone Scheurer is a senior majoring in human development.