Dear Jessica,

I am super excited for my internship this summer. It’s in a field that I really want to work in, but I’m really nervous because it is my first one. How can I make the most out of this experience?

Congrats on getting this internship, I hope it’s a great fit for you! First off, before you start, take a few minutes to write down your goals for this experience. It will help to have a guideline for what exactly you want to get out of it. You could even share it with the director of your internship so that they can help you achieve these goals. As you complete the internship, ask questions. Never leave yourself in the dark if you can get a solid answer for something. Allowing your curiosity to flourish will help you to feel satisfied and to bolster the knowledge being provided directly. Finally, keep a journal of your experiences. It can just be a few sentences, but write in it after each day at your internship. This way, in the end, you will have something to look back on at the end of the summer and see how much you have learned and accomplished. This will also help to keep the experience fresh in your mind if asked about it in an interview later on. You should also make an appointment or walk into the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development before the end of this semester. The professionals there will be able to answer any questions you might still have.

Dear Jessica,

After such a long winter, I’m thrilled that it’s finally warm outside! However, with the sunshine and warmth comes shorts season and showing more skin, along with the uncomfortable reminder that I didn’t spend all winter preparing my “beach body.” I know I’d look like an idiot walking around in a sweatshirt and jeans all summer, but I’ve always struggled with body image issues, which are only exacerbated when I’m wearing less clothing. What can I do to feel comfortable and cool this summer?

I can understand your anxiety about showing more skin. I think it’s important to explore what you are comfortable in, so I recommend that you go to the mall and take your time shopping. Try on different styles and decide what you like. Maybe you like longer shorts better, or don’t mind tank tops that have thicker straps. Look for articles with a light fabric that will keep you cool even when they cover more. If you’re uncomfortable showing skin at the beach, opt for a swim shirt to wear over your bathing suit. You might want to try dresses, too, as they can be longer but still light and flowy. Just remember that no matter what, every body is a beach body and you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident!